I've got you.

"Why are you doing this? If this is some type of sick joke then just stop, I can't stand this anymore!" I cried.
Tristan looked my in the eye and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started streaming down my face, slowly at first but then more came and they were running miles a minute. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to let him see me but Tristan removed my hands gently and wrapped me up in his arms.
"It's not a joke, Via. I've got you beautiful."


1. 1.

 "Via, you're gonna be late!" My sister shrieked. I groaned and rolled onto my back and contemplated spending ten more minutes in bed then thought better of it and pulled myself out.

I threw open the doors to my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. Eventually I decided on a thick woolen sweater with blue skinny jeans and brown knee high boots. My hair was a mess so I grabbed a dark green beanie and applied light make up. I ran down stairs and tossed a cereal bar and a bottle of water into my bag, yelling a quick "Bye sis, love ya!" as I headed out the door.

Sliding into my beetle convertible that my parents got me last year, I started the engine and began driving to school. I don't live with my parents, just my sister Hayley who's twenty six. Both my parents are still alive and healthy, but when my sister moved out seven years ago, I asked if I could go with her. My parents didn't seem to care, they were usually too busy arguing and six months after my sister and I left my mother asked for a divorce. Now dad lives with a pretty blonde about the same age as Hayley and mother is with a rich business owner that lives upstate. They both live over an hour away.

I pulled into the school parking lot and turned down my stereo that was blasting Arctic Monkeys. My best friend, Jazz, approached me whilst I walked towards the school entrance and nudged me to get my attention.

"Hey Bender." She winked at me. I poked my tongue out at her and gave her a little nudge back which made her laugh. Jazz is so pretty when she laughs, her whole face lights up which makes her tan even more envious. She's got thick brown hair with the ends dip died caramel and bright amber eyes. She also has a nice figure from her being a dancer since she was eight.

We got to my locker and stopped so I could put my books in. She began asking about our homework but was interrupted by our other best friend Chloe who had found us.

"Hi Via. Jazz." She said Jazz' name as if she weren't expecting Jazz to be there. Jazz smiled at her, but after knowing her for years I could tell it was fake. Jazz secretly hated Chloe and Chloe didn't like Jazz too much either but didn't always make an attempt to hide it. Chloe is considered one of the "Hottest girls in school" according to what the guys say. With platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a very noticeably curvy figure, she was hard for a guy to critique. And she sure knew it too.

"Come on ladies, better get to class unless you want to be late again." I emphasized again as we're usually late into first lesson after chatting in the hallway. As if on cue, the bell rang and students filled the corridors to get to their classes.

"Laters." Chloe shouted over her shoulder as she walked away. Jazz gave my arm a little squeeze and we parted to get to our first class.

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