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One Direction is the hottest boy band in the world, and are on the top of the Bilboards Top 100 artists. When happens when a group of bubbly girls steel their fame, and what will the do to get it back.


1. Prologue

Mckayla Wiggins, Cheyenne Richards and Summer Rhodes are 3 teenagers who want nothing more than to be famous. When they get a chance to try out for The X Factor, there was no way on earth they were going to let it slip out of there hands.

Sadly the girls go through a lot of trouble getting to the auditions they are late, and lose their chance. Due to Simon Cowell's drunken sympathy, they are given 3 tickets to the first two live shows. Oddly enough the 3 best friends aren't the only ones who lost their chance. Two sister Spencer and Jessica Jacobs lose their chance in a bus accident where Spencer breaks her leg, and do not make it to the auditions. Of course Simon Cowell being Simon Cowell, he offers them two tickets to the first two live shows, and the girls are given a chance of a life time.

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