Long and Lost

Two siblings meet for the first time. They meet and learn nothing can't separate family.
(For Salvage contest)


3. "Anything you can do I can better!"

~Roe's POV~

I was sitting at home on my green couch, I grab my Mac to see if I have any messages. I do, from Kyle.

Hey Roe can you send me some of your fan-fiction,if you still write it. I remember watching you in Study-Hall writing.-Kyle

Sure let me find some. You want Dr.Who or something original?-Roe

Original, I want to know what your capable of.-Kyle

1-1-2009 Dear diary,

I got asked to go to a party so, in a few minutes I'm leaving but I wanted to write. The person who asked me was Ken the most hottest guy in college!

I found this in my junk file I made it up, I was a 11th grader.-Roe

Ehhhhh I think I can do better click this link.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO23WBji_Z0)-Kyle


I close my Mac. I go to watch T.V."Dr.who here I co-" Someone is knocking! "CAN IT WAIT!" As I open the door I realize it's Kyle. "Uhh hi, I came here to say in person.....*Singing* Anything you can do I can do better I can do anything better than you!" I didn't know he could sing, does that mean I can sing! Probably not..."I didn't know you could sing." I say without sarcasm.



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