Long and Lost

Two siblings meet for the first time. They meet and learn nothing can't separate family.
(For Salvage contest)


1. Just a regular day...

Roe's point of view

"Marry Dr.Who starts in 5 minutes this better be important!" I told my foster parent Marry"Well I have something to tell you.." "What Marry it starts in 2 now better make it quick!" "Well...... You have a brother!" "Seriously is that true Marry." "Yes I set up a lunch meet for both of you at Sausy's, so you can meet each other and know each other. You will thank me for this." Marry hung up. "Matt Smith our date will have to wait, I'm meeting my brother." I told the T.V. screen even though i know it's not actually Matt Smith I'm talking to. I put on my white dress, roll up the sleeves put on my boots and brush my hair and put on my denim jacket,"Hopefully my long lost brother is cute!" I tell my Cali-cat.(Thats my cats name)

Kyle's point of view

"Hi Kyle." I heard my foster mom say "What is it?" "Well a girl named Marry Taylor contacted me and set you up on a date!" "What! You said yes who is she, is it a she?" "Yes I did say yes I thought it might be good for your future, so you don't end up forever alone." " Well you got a point whats the address?" "Sausy's you know where that is it's by the high school." "K Mom" I hung up, but one thing I can't believe i she set me up with One of Marry Taylor's kids. The only girl his age in that family was Roe......Doesn't she have a boyfriend? I put on my white t-shirt and put on my jeans, then my convers. On my way to Sausy's I pick out some flowers, white because their her favorite color.

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