The Meaning of Life

Life. So many people disagree. Some say it is to serve God, some say to have fun and others say different. This is what I think.


1. Surviving.

That is the meaning of life, to survive. Humans have added such sentimental meaning to something quite simple. Technology and creativity have contributed to this. We are born to survive, we are animals, nothing superior, more advanced. We are born by our Mothers to one day ourselves raise children. That is it. To survive. We eat, we drink, we grow, we reproduce, protect our children then we wait for death. This might be depressing, but personally I think that is it. And what if we didn't survive, what if we Humans went extinct. We wouldn't know, we'd be dead so we wouldn't know. Actually, the world would be better off, sure animals would still be alive themselves and be killing each other off slowly but we Humans have be digging in the blade too deep for the planet to recover. The meaning of life: To survive.

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