Lost ~

Love, lost, feeling, sadness


1. Lost ~

Since you left me,

all rivers flow to the west,

all winds blow up to north,

Since you left me

I see your face everywhere,

in the forest leaves I feel 

your presence,

in the darken tree stem

I see your hair,

Your eyes appear in the

candle light,

Your voice is whispering

from mirror walls,

Since you left me 

I don`t have voice to speak

I don`t have my hands,

just fingers to write 

this ancient language 

drawing letters on white 

as my heart is full

and my mind -empty,

any thought is linked to you,

Only my eye shadows can see 

and hide my little tears

dried on the wind.


All the colors are washed away

in my pain,

I couldn`t hide myself, 

as I`m in you,

Since you left me,

I hear your music like drums

inside me,

All world is noisy, 

but i`m silenced 

Since you left me

I`m lost and blind.


:: n.nour ::





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