Only You

Alex Lawson is your average 19 year old. Still settling into his life in London, he finds his love for a certain brunette growing.
Her past is different from most, but he didnt know.
Knowing her, changed his life.
She changed his life, all from a distant look.


4. Weightless

It had been a week since the youtube video, I re filmed the last part of the video without Brooke so there was no evidence of a challenge video, and I had stayed in for most of the day apart from food shopping and being dragged to Hollister with Ethan.

I hadn’t spoken to Brooke and it was killing me knowing that she wasn’t talking to me.

“Alex, phone!” I heard Ryan shout from the end of the hallway. I went to him and took the phone.

“Hello?” I said confidently trying to make it sound like I was okay.

“Alex, we need to talk.” I sighed at the voice on the end of the phone.

“Yes we do. You need to explain what’s going on because, I don’t even know what to feel anymore.” I felt the tears welling in my eyes once more and forced myself not to cry over the phone.

“I’m outside the front door and I don’t want to knock.” I could hear Brooke’s voice shaking.

“I’m coming.” I hung up the phone and went to the door. Her hair was tied back in a high pony tail, she had no makeup on and she had baggy jeans and a jumper on. I threw my arms around her just as she began crying.

“I’m sorry I ran out and didn’t explain anything, I just don’t want to hurt you.” I took her hand and lead her into my room.

“Just tell me everything. Right from the start.” And she did. How her parents had split up last year and left her to fend for herself in London, how she moved in with her ex so she had a roof over her head, who then threw her out the day we met. She’d found a flat, and was moving into it and was trying to keep everything from us, just so we didn’t get tangled up in the web of lies and sadness she had created which was just getting bigger, and bigger.

“I know what you’re going to say, that I’m stupid, that I’m shouldn’t have moved in with Jack, but I really thought everything would be okay.” She was sobbing onto my shoulder.

“I’m here for you, we all are, and I-” I couldn’t tell her, not after this.

“You what?” she looked at me with big sad eyes, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her close and gently pressed my lips to hers. They say when you meet your soul mate that theres fireworks in your stomach. Its all lies. You don’t feel that, you just know its them. A sensation of love overwhelms you and you melt into their arms and just open yourself to them and they know too, because the feel the same.

That’s how it felt with Brooke, a soft gentle kiss evidently becoming more passionate. She pulled away, breathing hard.

“What are you doing?” She asked as I sat on the edge of my bed trying to work out what I was actually doing.

“I don’t know.” She looked at me. “I mean, I know what I’m doing but… I don’t even know how long we’ve been friends Brooke but I’m falling for you, I’m falling hard and I cant stop myself from hurting you or myself.”

“You wont hurt me.” She said, pulling me back towards her, softly pressing her lips to mine.

“So what does this make us?” I ask quietly, through tender kisses.

“I guess it makes us a couple” She pushed me back onto the bed and started undoing my shirt gently.

“Are you sure Brooke?” I asked her as I held her hips softly. She nodded.

“I trust you and when you kissed me I realised I love you.”

The rest of the night was a hot, sweaty blur, but I remember her falling asleep on my chest, her heavy breathing filling my ears, all I could feel was her love. 

Maybe its not my weekend,
But its gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction
To everything I fear
Cause I've been going crazy I don't want to waste another minute here.


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