Only You

Alex Lawson is your average 19 year old. Still settling into his life in London, he finds his love for a certain brunette growing. Her past is different from most, but he didnt know. Knowing her, changed his life. She changed his life, all from a distant look.


6. I Will Wait

It was about 6am when I was woken by my phone ringing on my bedside table. Caller ID came up as Brooke.

“Hello babe.”

“Alex. Oh my god Alex.”

“Calm down whats wrong!” I sat up in bed and waited for her to answer.

“I’m pregnant.” She was sobbing on the other end of the phone.

“What. I’m coming over now!”

“Okay, I’ll buzz you in.” she hung up. I threw on some shorts and a shirt while my eyes filled with tears. I sneaked out of the house and drove to Brooke’s flat. I rang the doorbell and she buzzed me in.

“When did you find out and why this early in the morning baby.” I held her close while she sobbed onto my chest.

“I found out last night. I’ve not slept or eaten. I just feel sick and awful all the time.” I felt the tears fall down my cheeks as we held each other on the floor in her flat.

How could I even begin to tell the guys? Or my mum.

It was about 9am when we got back to the house so we could tell the boys.


“She’s pregnant isn’t she?” Ethan asked. We both looked at each other and Brooke nodded. They all started jumping around shouting and laughing. I just looked at Brooke.

“I’m keeping it you know.” She smiled and hugged me tightly.

“And I’ll support you always.” I kissed the top of her head before Ethan broke us apart and hugged me tight shouting various things like ‘We’re gonna be uncles!’ and ‘Holy fuck I’m excited!’

“Should I tell my parents?” she asked. I shrugged. My mum had spoken to her on the phone before and had approved of her over Skype so we were going to announce it together to my mum on Skype. I took her hand and lead her upstairs. We sat at the desk and I opened Skype while Brooke decided whether to tell her mum or not.

“Hi mum!” I waved at the screen as she came on.

“Hello love! Hello Brooke!”

“We’ve got some news for you.” Her face fell. “Brooke’s pregnant.”

“I’m going to be a grandma.” She looked happy but I could tell she was angry that I’d been stupid.

“Mum I’m going to support her, and keep her and the baby safe from anything! I promise you okay. I wont let her down.” I smiled at her and the anger left her eyes.

“I know.” She smiled. “I need to buy some baby clothes!” we laughed.

“We’d appreciate it if you didn’t say anything until we have the first scan” Brooke said softly and my mum nodded.

“Are you going to announce it on YouTube?” I looked at Brooke.

“Not yet. We’ve only just announced were in a relationship so. I need to film a video today anyway so I better get on with that!” I smiled and said goodbye to my mum, saying that we’ll come up at some point in Brooke’s pregnancy.

“She reacted well.” Brooke said softly. I looked over at her phone, it had her mums contact up.

“Just call her. I’m right here okay I love you.”

She tapped the number and the phone connected to her mums phone.

“Brooke. How are you?” Her mum asked.

“Hi mum, I’ve got some news for you.”


“I’m pregnant mum. And I’m keeping it.” There was no reply. “Mum?”

“Do you know who the father is? He isn’t going to leave you is he? He will support you?”

“Yeah I will. I love Brooke with all my heart.”

“Hm. Okay. Congratulations!” she sounded anxious to start with, but relaxed into the idea of being a grandma. Brooke said her goodbyes, said she’ll send a scan photo and hung up.

“See, she’s okay!” I rubbed her shoulder gently and pulled her into my chest.

“I just hope she doesn’t tell my dad.”

“Brooke. I’m going to be a dad. How awesome is this!” It had finally hit me and settled into my brain and I just wanted to tell everyone.

“Alex calm down!” she was laughing. “I’m excited too, I’ll book a scan tomorrow so we can go down sometime next week” she looked more excited now. “I love you so much.” She said kissing me gently. 

Well, I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we've known
Will blow away with this new sun

But I'll kneel down,
Wait for now
And I'll kneel down
Know my ground.


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