Only You

Alex Lawson is your average 19 year old. Still settling into his life in London, he finds his love for a certain brunette growing. Her past is different from most, but he didnt know. Knowing her, changed his life. She changed his life, all from a distant look.


9. Ghost

“You’re due date is expected to be around the 8th December.” The nurse said after the latest scan. It was now August, I’d moved in early March so all the dates matched up. She was 25 weeks now, and time was flying past. I felt almost small in all the world and everything we were going through. The book that the guys had bought was beginning to fill up already. We didn’t want to find out the baby’s gender so everything right now was gender neutral. Brooke was moving in with us so I can make sure she’s okay, the boys were moving the stuff with our pickup trucks and I was driving Brooke home from the appointment while she vlogged.

“We’ve just been for my 25 week scan, and this is peanut. We’re not going to find out the gender because we want it to be a surprise but thank you all for the support you’ve been giving us. The boys are moving my stuff into Alex’s room. So I officially have a family again which is awesome and the guys are going to be the best uncles ever! I’ll vlog a bit later so you can see the stuff we’ve bought for peanut. Byee!” she stopped recording and we pulled up outside the house. I helped her up the steps and into the house. The boys had put the boxes into the bedroom so we could sort the stuff out and they were decorating the spare room into a nursery.

Zack was the artist out of us so he was designing and painting a mural for the main wall, he’d decided on baby animals, like giraffes and other cute things safari like.

“This is going to be beautiful.” Brooke said walking into the nursery as Zack was sketching on the wall. He turned and smiled at her.

“Anything for my ‘niece’ or ‘nephew’!” we all laughed. There were small pots of paint littered across the carpeted floor, it had been covered, but we were buying a new one anyway so it didn’t matter. The furniture was flat packed in our room and me and Ethan had been left in charge of that while Brooke made dinner. Connor and Ryan were doing various things such as painting the ceiling and the skirting boards and window ledges in the nursery so Zack can get on with drawing the mural. The walls had been painted the day before so they were dry. The colour was beautiful, it was a neutral colour, that was tinted slightly red to give warmth to the room. The wall of the mural had been painted white, to make it easier for Zack to work on.

Ethan and I set work on the crib. It was beautiful. It was dark wood, and the sides were a little lighter, the legs were huge twigs and one bent over the top to hang a mobile on. We had two sides set up and were fitting one end before struggling to fit the other.

“Oh god.” Ethan said holding one end open slightly so I could fit the end in. I slotted it in easily and Ethan let go of the side.

Brooke came up to see how we were getting on.

“Dinner is in the oven, I’ve made enchiladas, really mild one for me though!” She said laughing. She noticed the crib and looked at us both and hugged us in turn. “It’s beautiful. Oh my god I love it!” she squealed in excitement. She left to let us carry on with other stuff like a small book case and a wooden toy box.

Everything was starting to take shape, and Brooke was happy, we were all happy.

Zack had started painting the background of the mural, and was mixing paints and shading areas and making the clouds on the wall look fluffy. It was definitely better than anything I could ever have done.

We were finally all sitting on the sofas eating the incredible enchiladas, and Brooke was using her stomach to rest her plate on, which made us all giggle slightly.

“Oh, I want to introduce you to some of my friends tomorrow!”  She said smiling. We all nodded and I winked at her, knowing her exact plan. She just smiled and continued eating. 

I had to go through hell to prove I'm not insane
Had to meet the devil just to know his name
And thats when my love was burning,
Yeah, It's still burning!


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