Only You

Alex Lawson is your average 19 year old. Still settling into his life in London, he finds his love for a certain brunette growing.
Her past is different from most, but he didnt know.
Knowing her, changed his life.
She changed his life, all from a distant look.


2. Fluorescent Adolescent

It was early morning when we arrived on Acacia Road. Everything was already sorted, the house was decorated, we had the keys, and we just needed to carry everything in, which wasn’t happening tonight.

“Are you sure everything will be okay in here over night?” Ethan asked as we pulled the cover over the back of the truck.

“I’m sure.” I replied, pulling the elastic over the hooks. I smiled at him, pulled the keys out of my pocket. “Are you ready, to start all over again?” I asked quietly. He smiled, nodded and followed me to the door. I put the key in the lock and turned it. I pushed the door open and entered the hallway, there were no lights on, and I knew that the other lads were following so we were the first here. I flicked the switch on the wall and the hall was brightly lit. The hallway was painted beige, with old style brass coat hangers on the wall. “We’ll have a look around tomorrow, because it’s like, 2am and I need to sleep, and call my mum.” I took my shoes off and made my way up the stairs to the first set of rooms.

Name plaques had been put on the door for each room. ‘Ethan’ was on the first door, which had been painted black. ‘Ryan’ was on the next door, which had been painted white. ‘Zack’ was on the white door across from Ryan’s and ‘Connor’ next to it, which was painted black. At the end of the hallway was a white door with ‘Alex’ on. I walked down to that door and pushed it open.

Directly in front of me was a window with closed curtains, on either side was a wardrobe and under the window was a radiator. On the wall to the left was a king size double bed, with blue covers and above it was a fixture for a picture frame. Across the room was a huge bean bag on top of a cream rug. A TV was mounted on the wall and there was a desk next to the door for a computer. Perfect for youtubing. I sat on the end of my bed, pulled off my socks and jeans and climbed into bed in my shirt and boxers. I slowly drifted off to sleep, the sounds of the London streets filling my ears.

The next morning we sent Ryan out to find a McDonalds for breakfast while we unloaded our vehicles. Ethan and I unloaded our stuff from my truck while Zack and Connor unloaded theirs from Connor’s Jeep. I dragged the first box up the stairs and into my room, dumping it by the window before returning for the rest. 30 minutes later, and everyone’s stuff was in, including Ryan’s, who was only just back.

“It wasn’t that far, just up the road really, near Kilburn Park Station.” He said, dumping the bag on the kitchen counter. I grabbed my food and went into the living room, slouching on the sofa and turning the TV on, we put the music channel on and ate, talking about what we were going to do after we’d unpacked our stuff.

“We should do the touristy stuff.” Zack suggested, stuffing his face with a McMuffin. I nodded in agreement while taking a drink of my coffee.

“Well, I’m going to start sorting my stuff, have you all ordered your Oyster cards?” I asked. They all nodded and I smiled before venturing up the stairs.

After hammering nails into walls and hanging up photos and putting clothes away, Ethan knocked on my door.

“We’re going to catch the tube to Oxford Circus and explore a bit. You in?” he asked, I’d just finished hanging some stuff up in the wardrobe.

“Yeah just let me get dressed.” I went back into the wardrobe and pulled out a t-shirt, it was just a plain grey shirt with some weird writing on and a pair of black ripped jeans. I pulled on my black converse, grabbed my wallet and jacket and headed out the door. The others were already ready. I guess now is a good time to describe them, as the walk to the station and most of the train journey was pretty boring.

Ethan Thurston has been my best friend since I was about 2. We went to nursery together and he’s a great guy. His hair is blonde, his eyes are brown, he’s very broad, and tall.

Ryan Alkin I have known since about year 7, like the rest of the guys, yet he was the one I clicked with first. He’s pretty short, has brown hair and blue eyes. He’s very soft and kind hearted.

Zack Winchester is the coolest guy, he’s cold, keeps himself to himself but really opens up around people he’s comfortable with. His hair is black, and his eyes are green, he’s not tall, but not short, in the middle really. And his surname is pretty kickass.

Connor Montgomery is the sweetest in the group. He’s kind hearted and very easy to upset. He has the most awesome blue rinse hair, and blue eyes.

And me. Alex MacFarlane. My hair is jet black and my eyes are this weird purple colour that rarely happens due to pigments and stuff, but I’m special and have those pigments. The lads usually describe me as boring and as an ‘internet geek’ due to the amount of things I know about computers and the internet, but I’m actually quite a fun guy!

After many stupid jokes being thrown between us, the train pulled into Oxford Circus. I was first off the train and onto the platform, so, being the polite guy I am, I moved off to the side to let others past and off the platform while waiting for Ryan and Ethan who were trapped in a sea of people still on the train.

As the platform cleared, I noticed a girl around our age, who had tears streaming down her face. She was sitting on the bench against the wall. She eventually noticed me watching her, but didn’t move to tell me to stop. She looked back at me and smiled.

“You’re not from here are you?” the wind from the train was blowing her hair around her face, it was ash blonde and teal dip dyed. I shook my head. “You can talk to you know, I heard you chatting away, I’m Brooke Farrow.” She stood up and walked towards us.

“I’m Alex MacFarlane” the rest of the boys introduced themselves.

“Do you guys want me to show you around?” she asked. I nodded and she lead us up the stairs and out into the daylight. 

Oh the boys a slag
The best you ever had,
The best you ever had is just a memory
And those dreams
Not as daft as they seem
Not as daft as they seemed
My love when you dreamed them up


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