The Lonely Girl


1. The Lonely Girl

As I walk into the first day of 10th grade I see all the same familiar faces and the same old bitchy personalities of all the same slutty girls. As usual every high school has those group of girls who think they rule the school and they get every guy who wants to get in their pants. In my school that group was called The Plastics (mean girls 2).

There leaders name was Rebecca Goldstein, and her 2 side kicks were Stacey Rich and Mackenzie Brockny. Everyone wanted to be part of The Plastics even me.

I'm Abby and I'm not your typical teenage girl. I like books and sports, but was never really into the whole girly stuff. Boys didn't chase me down for my number like they did with the plastics. I wasn't really the type of girl that was boy crazy either, but last year a new group of boys came into the school from England. Their names were Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. They were all really cute but I especially had my eye on Liam. He was cute, funny, and I heard really good in bed.:)

I walk to my first class which is AP English. As I take my seat I see Liam walk in with his Toy Story t-shirt on and he takes a seat right next to me.. Uh! OMG! He smells so good I have to restrain the feeling of sniffy him. He puts his hand out and says I'm Liam Payne. I shake his hand and introduce myself. I think I'm gonna die!!!😍😍

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