adopted by simon cowell (harry styles love story)

Alisha is 17 and she is has been a orphan for 4 years now ever since her dad killed him selve after years of stress alisha was really close to her mom but shortly aftef her dad died her mom came a alcohlic and started abusing alisha that was alisha past what will her future come too when she meets harry styles .


2. the orphanage



I woke up to someone shaky me continuasly "ali wake up" a voice from above me shouted 

WHAT i shouted

Someone is here to adopt a girl 13 to 17 years said mrs craddle

Ok ok give me a sec i whisperd

i jumped out of bed and walked to my crooked draws i pulled out a teal blue tank top and a pair of worn out black joggers and i slipped on my hug boots and i put my hair in to a high pony tail and brushed my soon as i was done i went into the living room there was all the girls lined up to meet some man every one was talking about no big deal gosh then mr simon cowell walked in just my look.

20 mins later............

mr cowell came up to me what is your name he asked im alisha but call me ali i said and shook his hand i followed him to the interview room he asked me a few questions and then he went to talk to lrs craddle a few minutes later she came out. Alisha go pack your stuff mr cowell has adopted you. Iwas shocked why me? 

 Hahaha cliff hanger

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