A Sister for Clark Kent

Smallville Fanfic. What if Clark had an older sister? No one knew about LeighAnn Isabella Kent until she was introduced to Lex Luthor. What happens when fire meets ice? Let's find out.


2. Chapter 2-LeighAnn's POV

Chapter 2

I'm sitting in my room, listening to El Amor by Tito "El Bambino", sketching a bright summer day with my family on a picnic in a field. I was curling my hair around my finger as I drew Clark's face. I'm not in the picture, as usual. I can hear my brother yelling about something downstairs. I shake my head, turning up the volume on my Pioneer stereo, pumping more sound into my sea green earbuds.

A few moments later, someone taps on my small shoulder. I put up my left index finger while I finish the details on the juniper tree in the background. I close my notebook, putting it away with the rest on a long elm shelf, painted with vines and icy blue roses. I then pull my earbuds out of my pointed ears, and turn to see Clark. "Hey, Leigh. Can I bring up a friend of mine to meet you?" I nod and he grins, leaving. I roll my eyes and stare out the window, watching the animals outside.

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