The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


14. you came

Ana's POV:

I ran pushing people and found my way out to the front yard. I rushed down the stairs and looked for Harry. My phone started ringing and I quickly got it and didn't even check who it was.

Me-"Harry?" I said breath less from running.

Zayn-"no it's me Zayn. Why would you be calling Harry?"

I didn't even say anything. I forgot about Zayn. I was to busy with mike.......MIKE! Dame I left him.....

Zayn-"please don't tell me Harry is at the party." He said in a tone that sounded like he did not wanting me near Harry. But why?

Me-"Zayn...... He's not the one you should be worrying about." I mumbled the last part. Knowing soon or later I'd see the one person I don't wanna see.

Zayn-"then who should I be worrying about?"

Me-"Zayn I'm at max's party. Do you remember who max is?"

There was just silence in the phone he didn't say a word.

Zayn-"stay away from him." He hissed at me. I wasn't going to do anything stupid.

Me-"I didn't even know it was hi------"

I got picked up from behind me. I gasped for air as I got frightened. The person put me down as I dropped my phone. He turned me around and it was Harry. God this boy is gunna kill me from fright. He just smiled as I picked up my phone and put it to my ear. Zayn was already screaming at me.

Zayn-"what happend? Are you okay? ANA ANSWER ME?!?"

I couldn't help but giggle and Harry looked confused.

Me-"I'm fine I just.....erm...... Bumped into someone."

Harry grasped my hand lightly and took my phone not even knowing who was at the end of the other phone.

Harry-"she's busy call back later." He said in a cute tone of voice. He was trying to sound like me but he didn't even come close to sounding like me. He pushed the end button and slipped my phone in his pocket.

Harry-"no more phones, Kay?" He said with a smirk. Oh god how mad Zayn might be right now.

Me-"Kay." We walked in and I was about to rush back to the bar but Harry grabbed my hand. I felt the heat come to my cheeks. I was blushing.

I pulled him right behind me as we got to the bar and I sat on the stool that I was sitting on. Mike was making a drink and had his back facing me. Harry sat down and was just staring at me.

Harry-"why are we siting do---"

Me-"shhhh." I said putting my finger on his soft pink lips. Then I opened my mouth towards mike.

Me-"erm......hello stranger."

Mikes POV:

Ana-"erm.......hello stranger." Someones familiar voice said behind me as I was making a drink for this blond haired girl.

I turned around and there was Ana. Sitting down looking as beautiful as always. But she had a guy with her. I just gave her a warm smile. And then walked over towards the blond girl I think her name was Meghan. And gave her the drink. I slowly walked over to Ana and the guy sitting with her.

Me-"hey" I said as I was getting ready to leave. My shift was over and I was going to leave but Ana left and I decided to stay here just in case she came back. And she did.

Harry-"can I get a apple flavored vodka?"

Said the guy sitting by Ana. I ALREADY don't like him.

Me-"oh I just got off my shift." I said as I walked on the other side of the counter by Ana and him.

Ana-"oh Harry this is mike."she said pointing towards me. "And mike this is Harry."

We shook hands and I got a call from my phone it was my older brother.

"Mike were did put the wine bottles?"

Me-"hahaha why?"

"I have a girl over." He said mumbling.

Me-"who?" I was trying to hold back a laugh. He was trying to be romantic with a girl. Me and my older brother rented a flat together.

"Carolina. Now where did you put the wine."

Me-"you know she's just gunna fuck you then leave."

"Just tell me!"

Me-"in the cabinet by the sink."

Then he hung up and I looked back at Ana and Harry. They were laughing together and something he said. I kept the phone by my ear and pretended like I was still talking to someone.

Me-"yea...okay....I'm on my way." I said in a loudish voice so Ana would hear me. Ana stopped laughing and stared at me as I put my phone in my pocket.

Ana-"everything okay?"

Me-"yea I just.....erm have to go pick up my brother." I lied.


Me-"well...... I had a great time Ana. And nice meeting you Harry." I said as I slowly walked away. I felt a small grip on my shoulder and turned was Ana.

Ana-"text me. Kay?" She said as she handed me a napkin that had her number written in black pen on it. With that I grabbed it and made my way to the door.

I didn't wanna leave Ana but I felt like a third wheel with Harry around.

Ana's pov:

Mike left but I wasn't that sad I still had Harry.

Harry-"so. What so you want to do?"

Me-"I don't know?"

Harry-"wanna dance?"

Me-"sure" I said as I got Harry's hand and got up. Then he pulled me back down.

Harry-"first let me go to the wee." He said as he got up and sat me down. "I'll be back. Stay here. Kay?"

I just nodded my head and he left. He faded into the crowd of people. And I sat there bored......

"I can't just sit here." I said to myself as I got up and decided to look for jai or Jason. I slowly walked into the crowd as people bumped into me and I felt a grip on my hips. Someone pulled me back. I turned around and saw the last person I wanted to see right now. Max. My ex.

Max POV:

I was sitting down on the couch with to hot girls. One was a brunet and the other was a blond. The brunet was on my left and her name was Michelle the blond which was on my right was Jessica. I got up cuz Jason wouldn't shut up, he just bragged and bragged about him self I slowly walked around the house as I saw Ana I grabbed her by her hips and turned her around. She hasn't changed a bit......

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