The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


22. what happened at the party

I woke up to Zayn quietly snoring. Aww he looks so adorable when he's asleep. My head was still pounding but not as hard as yesterday.

I heard Zayn shift to his side so now he was facing me. He looks so fucking adorable. I poked his cheek which caused him to flick his eyes open at me. I couldn't help but giggle "hey sleepy head." I said to him as he got up. "What time is it?" He said in a sexy raspy morning voice. "Erm... I dun know?" I said back as he walked out of the room. What the fuck? He just left me here?

He came back with the doctor who's name I couldn't remember... Chaise! That's his name. Well his first name, his last was Miyyer. "Well it's good to see you awake. You can leave now. But we just have to run a few test on you before you go." He said as he looked at a board he had. I just nodded my head.

~time skips to when she gets home~

I went to my room and Jason was yelled at me "Ana come and eat!". I changed into some skinny ripped jeans with a ombré shirt that was green from the ends and then changed to blue. I got my phone and stuck it in my pocket and ran to the kitchen.

I walked past jai and towards the front door."I'm not hungry. I'm going to zayn's house." I said before I ran to zayns house. I knocked at his door and he opened it in his boxers. "Zayn!" I yelled at him as I covered my eyes and laughed. I felt the heat rush to my cheek, and I was blushing. "Come in." He said as I came in and sat on his couch. "I gotta talk to you about the party." I told him as he sat down next to me. "Okay." He asked looking confused. "What happened? I Litterally don't remember anything." I told him as he sighed. "How bout we talk about that later, yeah?" He said and I just nodded "get ready. Ima take you somewhere." He said as I looked down at my cloth I had on. "Oh, I'm the one who has to get ready." He said as he saw what I was wearing. "Where are we going?" I asked him as he ran to his room to go put cloth on.

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