The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


25. what do I do now

"Haven't I been in this good damn hospital enough..." I mumbled to myself. "Where's Zayn?" I asked again.

Silence filled the air...

I get why Harry's angry. He thinks that I'd do anything for Zayn. Well... That is true but I'd do anything for Harry too.

"Miss... Erm...?" The doctor came in without even knowing my name. "Ana." I said. "Miss Ana. I am your doctor mr. Williams... You are fine. Nothing happened to you. No bones are fractured... You might just feel pain in your leg and arm because when you crashed there was impact on your leg and arm-" "where's Zayn?" I said cutting him off. "He's in surgery. He didn't have a belt on when the car crashed so he must of slammed his head on something and he was pretty hurt. His right rib cage got shattered and his right lung had blood in it. We have to remove it... Your free to go in a couple hours. But the young man had to stay here longer-" "how long?" I interrupted him again. "We don't know.." He answered before he left.

"So... Are you going to go home or what?" Harry said. "Actually can you do me a favor? I need new clothing... Can you go to my house and get it?" He just nodded and was about to walk out.

"Where do you live?" He said. "I'll message you my address." I told him as he walked out. I texted him my address and he said okay.

What do I do now?

Short chapter :P I know...I know but it's been a long time since I've updated and I have nothing to write about:3 but yeah... Thanks for all my peeps (fans) and readers. The beginning sucks because this was the first book I've ever written:/ but yeah thanks for everything... Bye!

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