The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


12. were here

Ana's POV:

WOW this place is amazing it is a big yellow place that has 4 balconies and 2 swimming pool it also has a big yard. There's so many people here. Jai is trying to look for some were to park which he is having trouble finding. There is people everywhere on the balconies in the pool making out and the front yard if full of dumb ass drunk people.

Me-"wow this place is amazing....."

Jai-"yea...Call Jason and tell home we are here"


I called Jason and the phone rang 3 times before he answered


I could tell where every he was it was full by the noises of people talking and the music.

Me-"oh hey it's me Ana. We are here."

Jason-"good max really wants to see you."

Max? Oh max my crazy mofo ex........ WAIT MAX?!?!?! what is he doing here?!?!?! Ugh I don't wanna see him hopefully I won't run into him. I don't wanna see him anyways. He breaks up with me to go out with zayn's ugly bitchy sister 'cristal'.........

Is max still going out with her?

Jason-"hello, earth to Ana?" He said sarcastically

Ana-"yea, yea just meet us outside we are in jai's Ferrari"

Then I hung up



Me-"why is max here?"

Jai-"erm..... If I tell you, promise me you will stay here as long as I want to"


Jai-"ima tell you but you have to stay just for alittle while.....Kay?"

Me-"okay...... But why would I want to leave?"

He parked the car by an palm tree that was big.

Jai-"it's max's party......"

Me-"wait? So your telling me that max lives in the beautiful house?"


Just then someone knocked on jai's window. And it almost gave me a heart attack

"Ah!" I kinda yelled but I got scared......

It was just stupid Jason

Jason-"common guys!"

Jai-"where coming, just hold on a bit." He turned to me "do you wanna stay or you want me to dive back home?"

Me-"no. No I'm fine"

We got off and Jason ran inside. Ok I could tell he was drunk. lol by the way he was running. He was running like a puppy to its mummy.

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