The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together



 Ana POV 

 Calum picked up my bag and brought it inside to his room. I walked in after him and he smiled. 

 "I hate you." I said and he laughed 

 "Aw, It's not my fault that my mom walked in." He said 

 "If you wouldn't have asked her then She wouldn't have came and I would be at the hotel." I argued 

 "I couldn't let you stay there forever." He said 

 "I had my money coming so I could buy my apartment." I said and he just shrugged. I grabbed my clothes and turned to Calum. 

 "Where's the bathroom?" I asked 

 "Come onI'll show you." He said and walked me down the hall. I quickly got into the shower.

   ****After shower****

 I threw on my under garments and my blue plaid short shorts and a pink love tank top. I grabbed my dirty clothes and put them where Calum told me to. I walked back to Calum's room and sat on the end of his bed. 

 Calum walked through the door and looked at me. 

 "Dinner is ready." He said and I nodded. 

 "Thanks but I'm not hungry." I said. 

 "Oh your eating, even if I have to drag you down." He smiled 

 "I'm not hungry Calum but thanks for the offer." I said and buried myself in his blankets. 

 "Oh no she's under  blanket." I heard him say and before I knew it I was picked up and over his shoulder. 

 "Have you even been eating, You don't weigh anything." He laughed and ran down the stair causing me to bounce up and down. My head hit his back several times. My feet finally touched the ground and I grabbed my head. 

 "That hurt so bad." I groaned 

 "Calum, The food is ready" His mom called. He smirked. 

 "Calum I'm N-" He took off to the kitchen.

 I ran after him and finally caught up to him. 

 "Calum I'm not hungry." I s=told him again but he ignored me. 

 He fixed two plates and sat down and put me in front of one. He picked up the fork and stabbed a small piece of chicken. He tried to fix it to me. I closed my mouth tight and he groaned. 

 He poked my side and I laughed and he shoved the chicken in my mouth. He grabbed my face and made me chew it. I swallowed it and glared at Calum. 

 **After dinner** 

 I stormed up to Calum's room and got into the bed. He walked in after me and got his things to go shower. I pulled the blanket to m shoulder and slowly fell asleep. 

 I felt the bed sink in next to me and I turned over to be face to face with Calum. I turned back over but before I did Calum pulled me to him. 

 "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." He said 

 "It's not that Calum, I'm not mad you." I told him and sat up. 

 "Then what's wrong?" He asked 

 "You wouldn't understand." I said and pulled the blanket off of me and stood up. He sat up and looked at me. 

 "You can tell me." He begged 

 "That's the first time I've really eaten something and haven't thrown it up in about 2 weeks." I told him. 

 "Are you sick?" He asked 

 "No I'm not sick." I told him and he nodded finally understanding what I meant. He pulled me back down to the bed and pulled me close. He covered me and hugged me tight. 

 "It'll be okay, I promise." He whispered to me. 

 "I hope." I whispered back and cuddled up to his warm bare chest. I drifted off to sleep. I heard Calum whisper something but I couldn't understand it. 

 Calum POV

 She slowly closed her eyes. 

 "I love you." I whispered and her eyes closed. 

 For the rest of the night I couldn't sleep. All I thought about was who was after Ana? What drove her to starve herself? 

 I tossed and turned all night. Before I knew it The clock said it was 8:00 am. I sighed and slowly got out of bed and made sure not to wake up Ana. I got up and walked downstairs. I walked to the fridge and saw my mom had wrote a note. 

   Dear Cal and Ana, 

  I had to leave for work. I won't be back tonight until late, I'm going out with the girls tonight. There is money on the counter for dinner and you guys can make something for breakfast. 

 love you Cal and Ana.

  I threw the note on the counter next to the money. Ana came slowly down the stairs. She peeked around the corner and saw me. She turned back around and walked up the stairs. 

 "Ana Come here!!" I called and she slowly walked down the stairs again. 

 "You don't have to be embarrassed babe." He said and hugged her. 

 "My mom's not home so we'll have to find something to eat." I told her and she frowned. I gave her a look and she nodded and walked to the fridge. She poured her a glass of milk and ate a pop tart. Why do we have those? 

 I watched as she finished the food and milk. I smiled and hugged her. 

 "Now go change, You have work." I told her and she ran up the stairs. She came stumbling down trying to put her shoes on as she walked down the stairs. I laughed as she struggled. 

 I scanned her. She is wearing a black beanie that is mine of course and a muscle shirt that says All I need is bands with black skinny jeans and vans. 

 I an up and changed into my black muscle shirt and a beanie. I put on black skinny jeans and a red flannel around my waist with vans. I shoved my phone and wallet into my back pocket and ran downstairs. It's now 12:00. 

 "Let's go." I said and we ran out. 

 "Alright I'll get the cab." She said and stopped the cab. We quickly got in. I told him the address and he drove off. 

 "Alright so I get off at 8:00 tonight and you have band practice until 5:00. I'll ask my boss and ask if you can come watch for a little while until I get off. I'll text you. Bye" She said I nodded and she kissed me and left after arguing about who was going to pay for her ride. She payed. 

 I'm off to practice now. 

 **Skip car ride***

 I payed the driver and walked up to Luke's door. I knocked and Luke let me in. 

 "Lets get started." I said and we began to play out of my limit.

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