The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


27. This can't be happening

 Ana POV 

 After getting the boys calmed down they finally fell asleep and I went back over to Zayn's. I walked over and knocked on the door. Trisha slung the door open and she looked mad. 

 "Hello, Mrs. Malik, I just wanted to see how Zayn was doing." I said and she quickly let me in and I walked to Zayn's room. 

 I walked in and saw Zayn sitting on his bed. 

 "Hey Zayn." I said and sat next to him.

 "Why are you here?" He asked 

 "I just wanted to talk and come see how you were doing." I said slowly

 "Alright then." He said and layed back. I did the same and layed with him. 

 "So why did you have to go earlier." He asked 

 "Well, I really don't know but my brothers were crying and they didn't have the strength to tell me anything so they are sleeping now." I said to him

 "Oh well, I don't want to stay here cause my moms really mad so could we go over to your house." He asked 

  "Yeah no problem and then you can explain why your mom is mad." I said and stood up with him. He grabbed my hand and we walked out. 

 We walked into my house and saw Jason and Jai sitting on the couch. 

 "Ana come here." Jason said and pulled me to his lap. 

 "Ana we have some really bad news." Jai said 

 "What" I asked 

 "Well, Umm, M-mom died ." Jason said, I froze. What!!! This can't be happening!! Not to me!! Not now!! Why!! I quickly got up and ran to my room. I went into my bathroom and pulled out my blades. I cut 6 cuts on each wrist and just layed down on the floor. I have to be with my mom, somehow I will. 

 "Take me." I whispered "I have to be with her." I whispered once more and began to cry. I heard banging on my bedroom door and yelling but I ignored it. I have to be with her. No matter what I will be. 

 Suddenly Zayn came running into my bathroom and quickly picked me up and put me on the counter. He turned on the water and went to grab my hand but I pulled it away. 

 "Give me your hand." he said

 "No." I snapped 

 "ANA GIVE ME YOUR DAMN HAND NOW!!" He yelled which frightened me so I quickly put my hand under the water. once that was clean my other went under. It burned like hell but I had to do it. 

 I was all bandaged up and I was laying on my bed when Zayn came in and shut the door behind him. He came over to me and layed down next to me and turned on a thousand years by christina perri and pulled me closer to his chest and we just layed there.   

 "Why did you do it?'' He asked quietly.

 "I had to be with her." I replied 

 "No, don't don't do that, your mom wouldn't want you to do this ever." He said and gabbed my hand and started to kiss my cuts. I smiled and he trailed up my arm and to my lips. I laughed and smiled. He kissed along my jaw line and on my neck. 

 "Zayn, No." I said 

 "No, what do you mean." He asked

 "I know what your planning and I'm telling you now, no." I said and turned my head to where he couldn't get my neck. 

 "I wouldn't do that without your permission."  He said 

  "yeah surrre, and keep in mind my brothers are home." I said and his face turned red 

 "I wouldn't do anything." He said 

 "Keep telling yourself that Zayn." I said and got up and went to my closet. Zayn came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. His hand mad it's way down to my butt.  

 "Zayn, Hand off the ass if you want to keep it , and that is where I draw the line, you never asked me the question so no ass for you." I said and walked away and into my bathroom. 

 "I'm sorry, Ana will you be my girlfriend." He asked 

 "Yes, Zayn." I said and closed the bathroom door. 

 "What are you doing." zayn said worried 

 "Relax I'm taking a shower." I said and quickly took my shower. As soon as I got out I did my hair and make up and got dressed. I had my favorite high waisted  jean shorts on and a crop top that love written in zebra pink. I walked over to my closet and put on my white and black converses.  

 I grabbed my phone and money and walked downstairs. 

 "Hey Zayn where are Jas and Jai." I asked 

 "They left to go to their friends." He told me. 

 "Then come on let's go to the mall." I told him. 

 "Alright let me go get dressed." Hs said and we left to his house. 

 We walked in and Zayn's mom was sitting on the couch. 

 "Where have you been." She asked 

 "With Ana." He said

 "Ana go up to my room, I'll be right there." He told me and I ran off. 

 Zayn POV 

 "Zayn, that girl is distracting you." She told me 

 "From what! I don't have anything to do and she makes me happy so deal with it." I yelled 

 "Look I like her and all but you're spending to much time with her." She said 

 "Well to bad." I said 

 "You will listen to me" She said 

 "No she makes me happy." I argued 

 "Then leave." She said and walked away from me. 

 "I will." I told her and went to my room. 

 Ana looked at me frightened. 

 "She doesn't like me Zayn." She said and sat down on my bed. "What did I ever do wrong." She asked 

 "It's okay, Come one Ana we'll come back later" I said and walked her out to my car. 

 "But, she kicked you out, where will you go." She said 

 "Don't worry about that I have a lot of money she doesn't know about, I can buy my own place." I said and we went to the mall. 

**** Zaynmalik13579 again anyway I'm going call you guy my little Kevin's like I always do in my books so yeah. Bye my little Kevin's love ya!!!****


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