The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


13. small bar

Me and jai were right behind Jason who was running inside. As soon as the front door got open my a drunk guy that looked like he was in his twenties and had short light brown hair. He was stumbling his way down the couple of stairs outside the party..... Or should I say max's house. The music was roaring loud. There were body's touching and there was a small little bar in the corner. I was going to walk towards it when I felt a grip on my arm.

Jai-"be careful."

I just nod up then down for a respond. Then his grip was gone. I turned around and he was gone. Just random people by me. I slowly walked to the bar. And a cute guy that was working there walked by me across the counter. He had dirty blond hair in a quiff like zayns but Zayn looked better In it the guy also had dark, dark green eyes. He had a tattoo on his neck that said 'gone but never forgotten' in fancy letters. He also had a small name tag that said 'mike'.

Mike-"hello darling"


Mike-"want a drink?"

Me-"I'd love one but I don't have money on me." I was drawing shapes on the counter. Not wanting to look mike in the eyes.

Mike-"it's on the house darling." He said as he got a shot glass.

Mike-"what do you want?"

Me-"surprise me." I said as I lifted up one of my eye browns and he looked at me then chuckled and I couldn't help but giggle.

Mikes POV:

Her-"surprise me."

I couldn't help but chuckle. She was beautiful. And her giggle is adorable. I gave her a cherry vodka mixed with some coke. She grabbed it and took a sip. Then she put it down and had this weird facial expression. Ah was it her first time. I chuckled again.

Me-"first time?"


Me-"may I ask what your name is darling?"

Her-"oh sorry my name is Ana."

Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl.

Ana-"I bet I can guess your name?" She said with a small smile.

Me-"an if you do guess my name right?"


Me-"I'll give you my number?"

She thought about it but she couldn't help but giggle and blush. She was also smiling


We shook hands then she guessed

Ana's POV:

I couldn't help but blush. Getting a cute strangers number ;)

Me-"umm.......G....... No?........ Mike." He smirked as he knew I got it right

Mike-"no......... That's not my name. My name is..... Er....Jose......yes. Jose is my name." He had a cute smirk on his face so I knew he was lying. He wants to lie to me. TO ME? I dunt think so

Me-"oh ok 'Jose' well I guess you don't get my number." I tried not to smile and laugh so I just did what came to mind I drank some more of my drink. It sting my throat as I could feel it going down.

I slowly got up the chair about to leave. Well not leave just wait for him to say something. But he didn't say any thing he just grabbed my wrist and sat me down. I took another sip of my drink it wasn't so bad it kinda tasted good.

Mike-"well played." He said sarcastically as he slowly clapped.

Mike-"how do you know my name?"

I couldn't help but laugh.

Mikes POV:

She laughed her cute little laugh. But how did she know my name?

Ana-"look at your shirt" she pointed and I felt stupid.

I forgot about my name tag....... I just giggled and felt my checks get hot and probable red..

Ana-"awwww are you blushing?" She said tilting her head to the side. And just smiled at me.

Me-"look, my shift is almost over...... I'm if you hang around we can go party later on?"

Ana-"sure, If you want I can help you?"

Me-"naw it's fine."

Ana-"how long?"

I couldn't help but laugh. This is gunna be fun hanging around her.

Me-"12 inches" I couldn't help but burst into laughter. She just looked at me surprised.

Ana-"NO! Not that" she giggled and paused for a second....

Ana's POV:

I didn't need to know that 0___0

My phone started ringing and I just waited till it went to voice mail. It was kinda awkward. Me and max where just staring at each other in silence. He probable didn't hear my phone but I did. It finally went to voice mail.

Me-"how long is your shift?"

Mike-"half an hour. You think you could sit there that long?"

Me-"I guess." Then some guy that sat far off to the conner called mike and mike had to make him a drink.

I sat there for a while and me and mike would have small chats but people would ask for drinks. I decided to Check my phone to see who called me. Shit. It was Harry. SHIT.SHIT.SHIT!!!!! Ok calm down Ana!

I called Harry and it only took 2 beeps before he answered


Me-'hey Harry'

Harry-'oh Ana it's you.' He sighed from relief 'where are you?'

Me-'sorry about earlier I was erm..... Day dreaming' I wasn't actually day dreaming I was talking to mike.....

Harry-'it's okay. Now tell me where you are I'm right outside?'

Me-'oh, wait I'll go look for you outside.'

Harry-'be careful love. If you get lost call you're mummy.' He said in a cute baby voice I couldn't help but giggle. I hung up and ran outside pushing people trying to find my way out.

Mikes POV:

Finally. My shift is over. I just need to wash this glass cup then I'm free with Ana. I finished washing the cup and put it away. I turned around and looked at the stool that Ana was siting on and she was gone. I looked around and still didn't see her.......

I knew it was TOO good to be true..................

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