The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


20. save me.

He slowly came closer towards me and grabbed me by my wrist, which I believe is bleeding, and picked me up. Then he threw me to the bed. "Please, max, Don't do this!" I cried to him. "Aren't you with cristal!" I yelled at his as I got up from the bed and pushed him away but he was way stronger and forced me back on the bed. "I don't fucking want her, I want you, I wanna hear you scream my name." He said in a slurry voice. He hovered over me, grabbing my wrist so I wouldn't escape. I winched in pain as he grasped me hard. He slowly left love bites on my neck. Every second on that bed made me want to scream. "Max please stop!" "Max I'm not your's!" I yelled at him while he ripped my dress off. I pushed him away and away but he just kept coming back.

Zayns POV;

I looked and looked for her everywhere. Were the fuck could she be?! Suddenly I saw her brother, jai, I think was his name? I ran towards him. "Jai have you seen Ana?!" I yelled at him. "Yea I saw her go upstairs with max. Why?" He said. I just ran away from him and ran towards the stairs.

Ana's POV:

He kissed me and his mouth tasted like alcohol and cigarets. As much as I fought for him to get off of me I fail miserably, and I was also getting weaker, my strength to keep him off. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down "max please stop." I said as my voiced cracked. "You've always wanted me." He said as he pulled his boxers down. "I don't want you anymore, I have Zayn!" I yelled with the force that was left in me. "doll but zayn's not here to protect you." He said as he took my panties of and forced himself into me. I winced in pain as he started going faster into me. "Zayn please save me!" I yelled as I tried and tried to stop max but he just ignored me struggling and kept pushing himself into me. "Fuck." He yelled. Suddenly I got some flash backs of all the good times me and max had.


"Common!" I yelled at max as I held his hand and tugged him out of his mums house. We were going to the fair.

~~~time skips to where there on the Farris wheel~~~~~

We were at the very top and could see the whole town, when the Farris wheel stopped. "I love you." Max whispered into my ear. I turned towards him and leaned in, he did as well. Then our lips touched. It was magical. Fireworks bursted all over me. That night I lost my first kiss to max.

~~another flash back~~~

We ran into my house. Everyone had left to a party but me and max. I opened my front door and we went to my room. We sat on my bed bored. "Ana I love you." He said as he kissed me then gently pushed me down on my bed, still kissing, he hovered over me. "You sure you wanna do this?" He said as he was still on top of me. I nodded my head. That night I lost my virginity to max.

*end of flash back*

He was still pushing himself into me and I realized I had stopped struggling and was now moaning. It didn't hurt anymore it was pleasure, pleasure I didn't want.

The door flew open and max got off of me and put his boxers and pants back on. I looked past him but couldn't see my vision went blurry then faded to black, I fainted.

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