The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


1. new neighbors

I woke up with my brother screaming at me.

Jason-"WAKE UP!!! ANA TIME FOR SCHOOL" while he was tugging me gently.

"I'm coming" I said while I got up and took a nice warm shower. And got dressed. I put a short red Micky mouse shirt with white and red polka dot leggings and my black Adidas with a black sweater. I put my hair in a bun. And ran down stairs.

And found my boyfriend,max I ran up to him and jumped on him my arms on his neck And my legs around his waste and looked at his big dark green eyes and gave him a big hug and quick kiss.

Max-"good morning beautiful"

Jai- "we should get going we don't want to be late."

We left walking since we weren't that far from school we live a block away and my mom really didn't care she was at work.

As we were walking out of the house I saw we had new neighbors it was this lady getting boxes off a mover van max went to go help her. I didn't keep an close eye she was way older than him like in her thirties. Max is the flirty type. He see'a a girl and he's right by her, flirting of coarse. We all went to go help I took a box that have vases in it. It was kinda heavy.

Then a voice behind me said," need help?"

I turned around and it was this boy with black hair and light brown highlights. He also had big brown eyes He was also taller than me.and cute.

As he took the box from me I was kinda checking him out. We went inside. The house was big ad kinda looked like mine. The walls were white and there were boxes everywhere. I was right behind him and didn't notice he stopped and I bumped into him.

"IM SO SORRY" I blurred out loud I went outside to go get more boxes. I looked around and jai was gone. I kept searching and Jason was gone to. So was max.

I was all alone with strangers. I went back inside and The guy was sitting down on his couch.

Zayn-"how old are you and may I ask, what's your name?"

"I'm 18, my name is Ana and how old r u and your name?" I said with a smile.

Zayn-"20. And my name is Zayn aren't u suppose to be in school?"

"Yea but my brothers and boyfriend left me."

Zayn- "boyfriend?"(she is so beautiful ugh I should have known) "and your brothers"

He started looking disappointed wen I said my boyfriend and he tried covering it up with 'and your brothers'.

"Yea I have two brothers one is 16 and his name is Jason his my half brother and my other brother is 19, his name is jai he has my dad's eyes."

Zayn- "that must be nice to have two parents my dad died when I was 2."

"My dad died to, but I was 6 when he died" I was telling him as tears where rolling down my eyes.

He cleaned them away and said " it's ok" he hugged me and I got more sad cuz I never talked to max like this. Max wouldn't care ether.

Zayn- "we should go to the park."

"Sure, do u know where it is?" I said joking

Zayn smiled and we went around town. I was showing him around wen we reached the park.

I got a txt from my best friend mary and it said 'were are u!!! There is this ugly new chick she is flirting with max!' I didn't care, max always flirts ugh it gets annoying I don't even know y I'm still with him?

Zayn saw my upset face and asked wats wrong I didn't want to tell."nothing can u swing me on the swings?" Trying to smile and seem like I am fine

We went home to my house and I showed him around. We went to my room and we sat on the bed.

Zayn- " you have a lot of pictures."

"Thanks" then I asked him if he had a sister that went to school today maybe that bitch that was flirting with max.

Zayn- "yea." "why?"

"Because of my flirty boyfriend" I HATE max I wish fucking raccoons ate his mouth that way he couldn't flirt. And yes I said raccoons. I like raccoons.

Zayn-"then why don't you break up with him?"

OMFG why is he asking I can't tell him max would get so mad. And I'm crying.....

Tears were coming from my eyes Zayn must think I'm a cry baby.

Zayn- "why don't u?"

"Because he abuses me." "When I wanted to break up he got mad and hurt me. He can be gentle and kind at times." I started crying more when I lifted up my shirt and showed Zayn the scars and bruises max would leave me.

I stared crying more and as I looked over Zayn he looked like he was thinking as he got closer to me and hugged me. Then he stared to talk....

Zayn- "if I was your boyfriend I never hurt you or flirt with other girls."

I was looking into his eyes and he kissed me.....

I backed my head I knew it was wrong but he grabbed my hand and he kissed me again then he backed. I kissed him and he started to get on top of me. He took of his shirt. He's soooo hot he has abs!!!! :3 I took of my shirt as we'll he put a hand behind my back about to unbuckle my bra strap

Then all then sudden we heard Jason


Shit I forgot they would be home soon. We put on out shirts and ran downstairs.

Max-"where were you?"

"I-I......."I couldn't speak I felt bad of wat I did

Zayn-"she showed me her photos"

Zayn started to leave when he handed me his iPhone

Zayn-"can u put your number? So I can txt you."

I put my number in and gave him his phone back and we walked outside.

Zayn-"you should come over for dinner your brothers can come?"

"SURE ID LOVE TOOO!" Shit I think I said that too loud

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