The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


26. New beginning

 Ana POV 

 Zayn finally got to come home but he still needs to be careful  about what he does. 

 We pulled up at his house and I helped him out of the car and into his house. 

 "ZAYN YOU'RE HOME!!" A lady yelled while running down the hallway. 

 "Yeah, I'm okay." He said as she gave him a hug, I backed away and stood there watching. 

 "Oh, mom this is Ana, Ana this is mom." Zayn said 

 "Well, Mom it's nice to meet you."  I said and shook her hand, She laughed.

 "I'm Zayn's mom Trisha." SHe said and hugged me. 

 "Well, Zayn I'm making lunch what would you like." She asked him

 "Any thing I'm starving." He replied back 

 "I'll help." I offered and walked away with Trisha.

 She pulled out things from the fridge and sat them on the counter. 

 "You know he doesn't shut up about you." SHe said and turned the fridge again. 

 "Really?" I asked in disbelief .

 "Yeah, It's alway Ana this or Ana that." She stated 

 "Do you love him?" SHe asked, I froze at the thought. Do I really love Zayn? Does he love me? 

 "Yes, More than anything." I said and was shocked by what had just came out of my mouth. 

 She smiled and finished making his lunch. We both walked out to him and She put the plate in front of him. I sat down beside him and put my head on his shoulder. 

 **After lunch**

 I helped Zayn up the stairs and into his room. 

 "Zayn could I talk to you?" I asked 

 "Yeah shoot." He said and sat down on the bed.

 "Do you love me?" I asked shockingly 

 "Of course I do. What makes you think I don't?" He asked 

 "I never said I didn't." I said and turned to leave.

 "Stay." He said 

 "Okay." I said and sat down on his bed. He reached over and  turned on some music. Holy grail come on he started to sing to it. 

 "And baby it's amazing I'm in this maze with you, I just can't crack your code, one day your screaming you love me loud the next day your so cold.One day you're here, one day you're there,one day you care, you're so unfair. Sipping from you're cup till it runneth over. Holy grail." He sang 

 I started to rap Jay-z part and he looked in amazement. I finished and he looked at me. 

 "Earth to Zaynnn." I said 

 "Oh umm sorry." He said and shook his head

 "Amazed much?" I asked and started to laugh. 

 "Can you sing?" He asked 

 "Ehh, kinda." I said. My phone rang and I quickly picked it up. 

 "Hello" I said 

 "Ana, I need you home quick." Jason said through the phone. 

 "Alright, I'm on my way." I said 

 "I have to go, Jason needs me, Don't hurt yourself." I said and gave him quick kiss. I turned and ran out the door. I got to the door and quickly opened it. 

 "BYE MRS. MALIK" I yelled and ran out the door. I ran over to my house and opened the door. 

 I ran in and bumped into Jai. I fell to the ground and hit my elbow on the coffee table. I winced in pain but quickly got up trying to ignore the pain. 

 "Hey Jai." I said and held onto my elbow. He ignored me and walked up to his room. That was weird he never ignores me. I'm gonna go see what's wrong with him. I ran up to his room and stopped in front of his door. I heard loud Sobs come from his room. 

 He never cries, I've only seen him cry one time and that was when our dad died. OH-NO!! What happened now. This is serious. I decided to go to Jason and see if he knows what's going on. 

 I walked to door and heard the same thing. This has got to be a huge deal if they are both crying. I walked into Jason's room and looked at him. He was face down with his head into the pillows. 

 "Jas." I said as I sat down on his bed. He didn't move. I placed my hand gently on his back and leaned forward to his face. 

 "Jas." I said quietly. He turned over and looked at me. I studied hi face. He had big red puffy eyes, tear stains down his cheeks and he looked exhausted.

 "Jas, How long have you been crying?" I asked and  wiped his tears away 

 "A few hours." He replied trembling. 

 "Come on let's get you cleaned up and new clothes." I said and pushed him into the bathroom. I told him to take a shower while I got him some clothes out. He came out in a towel and I quickly slapped my hands over my eyes and walked out of the room. 

 After that I walked to Jai's room and help to calm him down and got him to shower and new clothes. What is happening? Why won't anyone tell me? I'm so confused!!!! UGGGHHH, It's eating me inside to know. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! 

 ****I'm one of the co authors so If you have anything to ask I'll try to answer it. My user name is Zaynmalik13579. Go ahed and ask. Love you guys bye. P.s. I'm not sure what she calls ya'll so someone let me know please.**** 

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