The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


6. mall part 2

Mary left to go get some other stuff but I went to a cute little shop at the mall.Harry an I got some food and we started talking.

"Soooo how old r you?"

Harry-"20 today is my birthday."(feb.1)

"Happy birthday my birthday is on 18 of February"

Harry-"you pretty"

I started to blush. And I felt like I had butterflies that only Zayn gave me. OMG wat am I saying I barley met Harry and now I like him!?!?

"Tell me more facts about you."

I did like the complement but I don't even know him that well........

Harry-"well my middle name is Edward my parents divorced wen I was 7 my favorite animal is turtles I also like cats dogs hamsters rabbits and pigeons."


Harry-" favorite TV show is family first pet was a dog and his name was max. My friends call me hazza."

He paused and just was staring at me 0.o

Harry POV

she's so beautiful ugh am I staring..... I'm such a weirdo :P

"So tell me about you"

Ana-"well I'm 19 bout to be 20. My dad died and I don't speak much to my mom:/ I have two brothers jai and Jason. jason is my half brother jai has my dad's my favorite animal is the raccoons there so cute as baby's and single right know and yea that's mostly all......."

Ana's P.O.V

He was just listening to me.

Harry-"well got to go see you later"

He hugged me and then left. He just left.....did I scare him away why did he leave???

I felt kinda sad but....... Not sad enough to cry. I texted mary to come and get me. We left and Harry was on my mind.....

Mary left me at my house and I was going to my room wen I bumped into jai.

Jai-"Zayn was looking for you early"

"Wat did he want."

Jai-"he just asked if you were here."

"Oh ok" I ran to my room and put my iPhone to charge. Then I left to zayns house..........

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