The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


5. mall part 1

Ana's P.O.V

Mary txt-Ana wake up and get ready I'll be there in an hour


Hey look mary texted me yay!!! Has Zayn texted me..... Of course not he's pissed at me.

I got up and took a nice warm shower. Went to my closet and found this sleeve less white and yellow pikacku shirt that was above my belly button and put some apple bottom shorts with my hair in a side pony tale and some white flats with a yellow flower on them.i got some bracelets to cover up the cuts........,

I went downstairs and my mom was drunk. The reason I knew was that she smelled like she's drank and her hair is in a mess she has a tequila bottle beside her and she's on the couch asleep. She never sleeps on the couch.

I just walked slowly to the kitchen and got some Cheerios with chocolate milk. Chocolate milk makes me feel better:)

I didn't feel like checking if my brothers got home I suppose they got home. Mary texted me that she was on her way.i wanted to text Zayn but I didn't....why?......he called me a slut.that hurt me and I can't forgive him that easy. I started eating and soon after Mary was here so I got my purse and my iPhone and got in her car.

We left to the mall but Zayn was on my mind.

Zayns P.O.V

I woke up and didn't want to text her she's probable mad at me for hurting her I told her I wouldn't hurt her. But I did. I went to her house and jai opened the door.

"Is Ana here?"

Jai-"she left with some friends I think..... She's not here"

"Thanks well I better go"

I left feeling disappointed that I didn't get to tell her sorry. Many if I text her?

Ana's POV

We finally got to the mall wen I got a long ass text from Zayn

Zayn txt- hey can we talk. I'm really sorry for yesterday I over reacted you weren't mine and probably won't ever be your to beautiful for were kissing your boyfriend and he was your boyfriend so you would kiss him.i just wanted you and thought you were mine and I just don't want him to hurt you. I told you I wasn't ever going to hurt you. Remember that day:) you were sad about max and I told you that if I was your boyfriend I would never hurt you. But sadly I did hurt you and I feel bad I just really need to talk to you. I was pissed wen cristal sent me that picture that's why I said those mean things to you please let's meet up I really need to talk to you:)

My txt- ok

I was kinda mad but I guess he just didn't want to see me get hurt again:/

We were walking in wen I bumped into some one and dropped my purse

"Oh shit, sorry" as I was picking up my purse a strange voice started to talk

Stranger "oh it's my fault I wasn't looking"

As I looked at him he had curly dark brown hair and dark green eyes.

Stranger-"hi I'm Harry."

"I'm Ana"

Harry"your kinda cute :) want my number"

"Thanks and Sure"

Harry got my iPhone and put his number as I was looking better at him he was cute.

Harry-"there..... See you later"

"Bye" I went to go catch up to mary she was ahead of me.

Mary-"who was that?"

"Oh a stranger that gave me his number."I started to giggle he gave me his number and I don't even know him :3

Mary-"he was cute you should tell him to give me his number"

"Hahaha. Hilarious"

We went to go get some cloth. She got a nice collared shirt and se skinny jeans and some other cloth.

I got this nice dress that was kinda short but not so much and some shirts and shorts and skinny jeans. I didn't need shoes I have some at my house.

We put our bags in this cart and mary pushed it.

Later I saw Harry I couldn't see his face but I saw the back of his head and wat he was wearing. He has curly messy hair and he had a white shirt with a very dark scarf and his black pants. I went behind him and covered his eyes.

Harry's POV

my eyes were covered and a voice said....

Stranger-"guess who?"

It was a playful and cheerful voice...

"Let me guess.... That beautiful girl ummm what was her name....?"

I turned around and picked her up she squealed a cute squeal.i put her down soon after cuz people were staring 0.0

"Hey Ana"


"Wanna get some lunch?"

Ana-"sure but wait a second."

Ana's POV

finally I can find someone to take my mind off of Zayn. He wants to get lunch but what about mary?!?!?

" hey mary you can go shopping without me I'll text you later so we can leave."

(Zayn doesn't know Harry and one direction still hasn't formed Zayn nor Harry were famous yet)

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