The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


33. I can't believe it

Calum POV 

 I woke up and grabbed my phone. I had 7 texts from Ana and 6 missed calls. I quickly dialed her number and waited for and answer. 

 C-Cal Pal A-Ana 

 A- Hello? Cal is that you?? 

 C- Yeah it's me what's wrong Ana? 

 A- I need you to meet me at the coffee house like now, alone.

 C- What's wrong? Ana what happened? 

 A- Come now Cal!! 

 C- alright I'm on my way bye.

 I quickly got up and got my favorite blink-182 shirt. I put on some black skinny jeans and my black and white converses. I grabbed my phone and ran out of the door and to the coffee shop.         I ran through the doors of the coffee shop which gained a lot of crazy looks from others. I quickly spotted Ana at a booth and I walked over. 

 "Hey beautiful." I said as I walked up behind Ana. She jumped slightly and turned to me. 

 "Hey Cal Pal." She laughed and hugged me.

 "So you called me six times to come here for what?" I questioned 

 "Well, you know what the x- factor is right??" She asked and I nodded. 

 "Well do you know where the tryouts are this year?" She asked again

 "Yeah, They are at the arena downtown." I answered as her eyes widened. (I know they were not in australia but for now they are) 

 "Ana?? Are you okay?" I questioned, She shook her head and looked up at me.

 "Cal, I'm scared." Was all she said before getting up and walking out the door. I shot up and chased after her.

 "A, What's wrong?" I said as I turned her around. She looked me right in the eyes. 

 "He's after me." Was all she said before she bursted out in tears. I pulled her into my chest and walked us over to a near by bench to sit. We sat there for a few hours before I could get her to calm down. 

 "Come on I'll bring you to your place, Where do you live??" I asked

 "Oh, umm, no, I'll walk by myself."She stuttered. 

 "No, not after what you just said I'm not letting you do that. You know now that I think about it We haven't really been to your place." I said 

 "Look,Calum, I don't have a place okay, I have to earn my money and I'll be getting my apartment." She yelled 

 Ana POV 

 Calum looked at me and didn't say a word.

 "I'm leaving bye." I said and turned to leave.

 "No Ana, Where are you staying if you don't have a place?" He asked 

 "I'm in a hotel for now, I'll be out soon." I said 

 "Do you have a job?" He asked 

 "Yes, I'm a model." I said. He walked over to me and grabbed me into a hug. 

 "Come on we are going back to my place." Calum said and we left. 


 We walked up to Calum's front door. He pulled out some keys and quickly unlocked it. He pushed the door open and we walked in. 

 "MOM I"M HOME!!" He yelled 

 "Alright." A lady yelled back. 

 "Come on." He said and I followed him up some stairs. 

 "Oh, hello, Um Calum." Someone said from behind me. I jumped and grabbed Calum's arm. He turned around. 

 "Oh hey mom." He said 

 "Hi, Who's this." She asked, Calum laughed because I was still clung to his arm. 

 "Mom this is Ana, Ana this is my mom Joy." Calum said 

 "Hi." I said and let go of Calum's arm. 

 "Hello." his mom said and engulfed me into a hug. 

 "Sorry, I'm a hugger." She said, I laughed. 

 "No problem." I said.

 "Well, Calum, Luke called and said he has new music for you guys." She said 

 "Alright mom, well if you need us we'll be in my room." Calum said and left. I waved to Joy and followed Calum.

 We walked into his room and he began to laugh. 

 "What's so funny?" I asked 

 "You clung to my arm like she was going to kill you." He laughed 

 "Well is isn't my fault she scared me." I defended myself. 

 "Yeah okay." He said and sat down on his bed. 

 "So, what do you want to do?" I asked 

 "Want to help me go over some music?" He asked and grabbed his bass. 

 "Sure, what's the song called?" I asked 

 "Well, Luke said it was called out of my limit." He said 

 "Alright." I agreed

 "Okay so will you sing and I'll play." He said 

 "Sure where are the lyrics." I asked an he handed my a few papers. 

 ***After practice*** 

 Calum set his bass down on his bed and I put the papers away. 

 "Well, that was a lot of work, I'm not used to that." I said and Calum started laughing. 

 As soon as he was calm I grabbed my phone and checked the time. I clicked the home button but nothing happened. 

 "Hey Cal?" I asked 

 "Yeah love??" He asked 

 "What time is it my phone died." I said. He pulled out his phone and checked the time.

 "It's midnight." He said 

 "WHAT!! Oh no." I said and grabbed my things. 

 "What??" He said 

 "I'm about to loose my room, I mean it's my last night but I have to have it for tonight." I said. 

 "Chill, I'm sure my mom will let you stay here and we could get your stuff in a few." He said 

 "No, It's fine I don't need to intrude on you guys." I said and stuffed my phone into my pocket.

 "Really it's no problem." He said and rushed out of the room. I ran after him. 

 "CALUM NO!!"I yelled as I was running down the stairs. I was too late. Calum was already talking to his mom. 

 "Calum!!" I yelled 

 "What?? I didn't do anything?" He said innocently

 "Ana You can stay here until you get your place." Joy said.

 "Thank you." I said and turned to Calum. 

 "Your dead Hood." I said and ran to him. He caught me and picked me up. He carried me to the couch and laid me down. He started to tickle me and I laughed.

 I tried to wiggle out of his grip but it was no use. 

 "Calum stop please." I yelled 

 "No, never." He laughed 

 "Please ." I argued 

 "Why?" He asked 

 "Just stop please." I squealed 

 "Never." he laughed 

 "Help!!!! Mrs. hood Help!!" I yelled 

 Joy walked in and started to laugh. 

 "Calum stop torturing her." She said 

 "Fine." He said and let go of me. I took a deep breath and sat up. 

 "Now Calum Could I talk to you." I asked. His mom made and OOOO sound and we laughed. 

 "Yeah sure let's go to my room." He said and drug me up the stairs. 

 We walked into his room and sat down. 

 "How could you, I just met her!!" I yelled 

 "Well you needed a place to stay." He argued

 "But that doesn't mean you need to ask her, now she probably doesn't like me. Calum I want her to like me." I pouted. 

 "Come on it isn't that bad." He said and walked over to me. 

 "Yes it is." I said. He grabbed my arm and stood me up. 

 "No it's not, don't say it's bad. My mom loves you already don't worry about it." He said 

 "Really?" I asked excited now.

 "Yes she told me." He said. I squealed and jumped into his arms. I hugged him tight and leaned back. Before I knew what I was doing I crashed my lips into his. He kissed back and deepened the kiss. 

 "Calum, Ana, We can go get your things if you-" Joy said but stopped. I pushed Calum away and blushed and put my head down. I saw Calum smirk. 

 "Yeah, Come on Ana let's go." Calum said and we walked out.

****Hey guys it's Zaynmalik13579 here!!!! I hope you like this chapter It took a long time. Any way We love you guys. BYE LITTLE KEVINS!!!!****

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