The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


28. Here we go

 Ana POV 

 Zayn and I are going to go look for flats today. 

 After about 2 hours of looking we found one close to the mall and near my house too. It was a 2 bedroom and a 1.5 bath. It looked amazing and was so wonderful. 

 Zayn bought the flat and we left to go pack up all of his things. We walked into his house and his mom gave me a dirty look. 

 "What is that about." I asked 

 "Nothing, don't worry about it." He blankly answered 

 "But I-" I was cut off when Zayn crashed his lips to mine. I lips moved perfectly in sync with each other. He pushed open his bedroom door and pushed me on his bed. Once again I stopped him.

 "Zayn, What is your problem." I asked him

 "What do you mean?" He asked and got up 

 "Always trying to do things when others are around but when we are alone it's nothing." I told him. All he did was shrug and put things into boxes. I grabbed a suit case and started to put some clothes into it. 

 "Ana?" He called 

 "Yes Zayn?" I asked and walked over and put my hands around his waist.

 "Move in with me." He said 

 "Zayn, I- I- I- i don't know what to say." I said 

 "Don't say anything just come with me." He said 

 "Zayn you're 20  and I'm only 18, I can't I haven't even known you or that long." I said 

 "Come on, We can be together all the time." He said 

 "But Zayn." I said 

 "No buts." He said "Come with me." He said getting closer to me.  

 "Okay, but you have to take that up with Jason and Jai." I told him and looked at the ground and bit my lip. 

 "Alright." He said and went back to put things in his boxes. 

**After finishing Zayn's things**

 We walked over to my house and went inside. 

 "Jai and Jas, come here." I called 

 They came running down the stairs and stopped in front of me. 

 "I have- I mean Zayn has something to ask you." I said and stepped aside. 

 "Well, Umm , I  umm wanted Ana to move in with me." He asked 

 Jas and Jai turned around and started whispering to each other. 

 "Sure, take care of our baby sister." They said. 

 "Jai, I'm older than you." I said 

 "Yeah but you're still like my baby sister." He said and they both hugged me. 

 "Thanks,  I love you guys." I told them. 

 Zayn and I went to pack my things. I pulled out my suitcase and put it on my bed and got boxes and started to put things inside of them.  

 Zayn pulled open my drawer that had my "things" in it. I quickly ran over and slammed the drawer shut.

 "Zayn, No!" I yelled

 "Why not I'm going to end up seeing them anyway, You're going to live with me." He said 

 "And your point is, It's not like we'll be sharing the same room." I said and told him to put my pictures and other things in the boxes. As He went to put them up I heard him mumble 'that's not what I meant' under his breath.

 "You Pervert." I said and packed all of my clothes. 

 **after packing and getting to his flat**

 We had just finished unpacking. 

 "Zayn I'm hungryyyyyy." I yelled 

 "Let's go find something to eat." He said 

 We went and got mcdonalds.

**Sorry for the short chapter but I'm tired so yeah, but I will update more tomorrow I promise, Bye My little kevins love ya!!**


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