The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


30. Get away


 How am I going to get away from this? I can't just leave right away, they'll look for me. If I go where the would never think of looking. I know exactly where I should go,but I have to wait. As soon as they leave I'm gone.

 I've got my plane ticket and my things are packed. Now I play the waiting game. 

 "Babe, where are you!" I heard Zayn yell.

 "I'm in my room." I yelled back. I was listening to Nirvana. He walked in and started to talk. 

 "Why did you flip when you saw Niall, what did he do." He asked 

 "Look I'm not in the mood to explain it Zayn, maybe after y'all get back." I told him. He nodded and walked out. 

 I pulled my song book and wrote down some lyrics that came to mind. I write down random things a lot but they always end up in a song. 

 "Babe we're leaving." Zayn yelled 

 "Alright bye." I yelled back. I waited for the sound of the door to close and then waited until they get where I can't see them anymore. 

 I called a cab and went to the air port. I checked in and went to wait. 

 **after 1 hour**

 "FLIGHT 483 TO SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, NOW BOARDING." The lady yelled. I stood up and walked to the plane. I found my seat and pulled out my phone and headphones. I turned my phone on airplane mode and There I was. Goodbye Zayn, Jason, and Jai, but most importantly. Goodbye memories.

 Hello Australia!! 

**After landing**

  I got off the plane and headed to the hotel that I was going to be staying in for a while. The first step that I have to do is get rid of everything that Zayn could find out where I'm at. 

 I bought me a new phone and deleted all of my social media sites. I have to get rid of everything. I'm starving so I went to a local cafe and got some coffee and a snack. 

 I got my drink and food and I sat down. Soon later I heard loud laughter and the door opening. I peeked over the booth that was in front of me and saw 4 boys coming through the door. I put in my headphones and drank my coffee. 

 I saw one of the boys come over to me and sit in front of me. He said something but I didn't hear him. I pulled out my head phones and asked him to repeat that.

 "Hi, I'm luke hemmings." He said and stuck out his hand. I slowly shook his hand and pulled my hand back afterwards.

 "Hi, I'm Ana  Moore." I said and put back in my head phones. 

 "So you aren't local I'm guessing." I heard him say. I turned my music off and put my phone in my pocket.

 "No I'm not, I don't mean to be nosy and all but who are your friends, they keep staring." I asked 

 "Oh, That one is calum, he's Michael, and he's ashton." He replied and the boys came up behind him.

 "And we're 5 second of summer." They said in perfect unison. 

 "So where are you staying" Luke asked 

 "Umm, I don't think I'm comfortable with you knowing that." I responded 

 "Alright, Well we have to go so call me." He said and slid me his number.

 I just put it in my pocket and called a cab. I got back to the hotel ad fell asleep. 


 I woke up and quickly took a shower and decided to call luke and see what he was doing today. I slipped out the paper in my pocket and typed it into my phone. It rang a few times and then someone finally picked up. 

 "Hello." I asked 

 "Hiiiiiiiiii." They yelled through the phone.  "Ashton give me my phone back." I heard Luke yell in the background. I laughed. 

 "Hello." Luke said 

 "Hey Luke." I said 

 "What's up." He asked 

 "Well, I was bored and wanted to see if we could do anything, but I see you're busy soo." I said 

 "No no, Meet me at the cafe and you can come to band practice if you want." He said 

 "Sure, no problem." I said and I headed out of the hotel and walked to the cafe. 

 I got there before luke so I got some coffee and waited. Soon after Luke showed up and we left. 

 "So" Luke said

 "Umm, Where are we going." I asked

 "My house." He said 

 "Oh no, Luke why didn't you tell me." I  stopped 

 "What do you mean." He said 

 "I'm not very good with parents." I said 

 "Don't worry, My mom's really cool." He said 

 "Alright, I'll trust you on this one." I said and we kept walking. 

 We reached his house in no time. I walked in after him. 

 "Mom, I'm home." Luke yelled

 "Alright Luke." She said and walked into the living room. She was shocked at the site of me. I put my head down and started playing with my nails.

 "Hi, I'm Liz." She said "And you are?" She asked 

 "Hi,Mrs. Hemmings, I'm Ana Moore." I told her.

 "No,please call me Liz." She assure me. 

 I nodded and looked at Luke. 

 "Oh Luke, Is this your girlfriend." She asked 

 "Oh no no, We just met the other day." I laughed and Luke turned red. 

 "Oh okay well, I'm going to go now" She laughed and walked away.

 "Luke" I asked and poked him. 

 "Let's go." He said and pulled me up to his room. 

 "The  boys will be here in a while." He said. I nodded and looked around. I sat on his bed and waited.

 "LUKE, YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE!!" Lizz yelled from downstairs. 

 "SEND THEM UP." Luke yelled back. 

 Soon after that The other boys came up. They all looked at me in confusion. 

 "She's here to watch the practice." Luke said.

 "Alright well let's get started." Calum said and we went to the garage.

 We set up the equipment and they started to play check yes juliet by we the kings. I love it, they sound better that the actual band.

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