The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


32. First date

 Luke POV

 I can't believe I'm getting to go on a date with the most beautiful ever! Since tonight was casual I threw on some jeans and my favorite Nirvana shirt. Ana said she would meet me at my house so I had to wait. 

 I heard someone knock on the door and I ran to get it before my mom did. I opened it to Ana, She looked amazing. 

 "Luke, Are you okay?" she asked 

 "Oh, Uh, Yeah, shall we." I asked 

 "We shall." SHe laughed and linked arms with mine. We walked down the cobblestone path and down the sidewalk. I decided to bring her to see a movie. The theater was within walking distance we both agreed on walking. 

 We walked in and bought our tickets and went into the theater. 

 Ana POV

 Half way through the movie Luke put his arm around me. It was kind of weird, We just met. I shook the feeling off and tried to focus on the movie but nothing worked. My attention was always pulled towards Luke. 

 He looked over to me and smiled.

 "You know you're missing the movie." He laughed. I turned to the screen but once again I was pulled back to Luke. 

 How could someone be so perfect? Why are you thinking like this, You like Zayn. I mentally yelled to myself. But do I really like Zayn? Do I like Luke? UGH, boys are hard and confusing.

 **After the movie**

 Luke and I walked hand in hand back to his house. 

 "Bye Luke." I told him and kissed his cheek and walked away. 

 "Ana wait." He called after me.

 I turned back around but only to be met with Luke's lips crashing into mine. It shocked me at first but I kinda liked it. Out of instinct I kissed back. He broke the kiss and looked me in the eye. 

 "I really like you Ana." He said 

 "I really like you to Luke." I said and was shocked by the words that came out of my mouth. I called a taxi and went back to my hotel room. 

 I was getting into bed when it hit me. What about my modeling job! I pulled out my phone hopping it won't be to late and called them. M-Model agency A- Ana

 M- Hello

 A- Hi, I'm Ana I was hired a few days ago but I have recently moved to australia and was wondering if there was a studio or such that I could go to here

 M- Yes there is we have one right in sidney I'll get your agent to send you the address. 

 A- Thank you. 

 M- No problem 

 I hung up and turned on the T.V. 

 My phone lit up and I looked at the screen which filled the room with light. Luke had texted me 

 L- Luke A-Ana

 L- Heyy ;) 

 A- Heyyyy 

 L- Soo I know it's none of my business but why did you leave your brothers

 A- Well, It was this guy that was a big deal before and I had to get away

 L- What happened 

 A- Well, His name is Niall, He was best friends with my brothers, Jason and Jai, Well he was over a lot and when My brothers weren't looking he would like hit me, you could say abuse, sometimes he would try to make me do things with him but never really succeeded 

 L- Oh, That's serious, I'm sorry 

 A- No don't apologize and could we change the subject cuz I kinda don't feel like talking about it

 L- Well, the boys and I are doing a video tomorrow if you want to help with that. 

 A- Sure what time?

 L- 8:00 

 A- I can't make it :( 

 L- Oh why? 

 A- I have to go somewhere for work tomorrow at that time sorry :( 

 L- No problem, maybe some other time, I tired so I'm gonna go bye night :* 

 A- Night :) 

 I plugged my phone into the charger and put it on the side table after setting my alarm. I flipped through the channels until something caught my eye. No!! I can't believe they are doing this!! 

 I decided to watch the rest of the show and ask them about it tomorrow. I can't believe it.

****Hey guys it's Zaynmalik13579, I just wanted to say hi and let you guys know there will be more chapters in this book but there will be a sequel coming out soon, so be on the look out for it!! Love you my little kevins!! BYE!****

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