The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


21. exhausted

Ana's POV:

I woke up with some mumbling around me, as my vision focused where I was. It was all so bright. I moaned at the bright white wall. I heard a beeping machine by my right side. "Doc. She's awake!" I heard a male voice. Jai? I think "j---" I couldn't speak. My voice cracked as I tried to say his voice. My vision was still kinda blurry. "Ana." I heard zayns angelic voice. Suddenly I remembered what had happened. I-I was leaving with Zayn then somehow I ended up with max and we were having sex but I was so sad, I wonder why? then I blacked out. I tried to move my left hand towards where I heard Zayns voice but was stopped when it hurt like hell. I looked down and my vision focused on my wrist an arm, it was band ached. Then the doctor walked in with jai right behind him. "Miss Zamora Ana?" The doctor said to me. I just nodded slowly as he walked in with his clipboard. "Well you lost a lot of blood and I suppose you were yelling or physically moving TOO much that you fainted. You can go home later tonight, you need to rest right now. You needed blood and your boyfriend donated blood, luckily he was the same blood type as you. He also needs to rest, we took about two packs of blood out of him, but he insisted on staying with you." He said then I looked at my arm and I had a needle with a tube going into my arm with blood.

Then I looked over at Zayn and he was sitting down on a chair by my hospital bed. He looked exhausted and so was I. "Z----" shit! I still can't speak. Every time I tried to speak my throat would croak and hurt. I guess Zayn heard me and looked over at me. With my right arm I patted the bed, for him to lay down with me, and scooted over so he would fit. He got up all wobbly and stumbled onto my bed. I was on my side facing away from Zayn but he just grabbed me and pulled me closer to him, then he dug his face into my hair and his hot breath was on my neck. I giggled but it sounded more like I was chocking. Then soon after I fell asleep. I won't deny I was exhausted my arm hurt. My head was pounding. My throat was sore. My body was also sore. And I guess Zayn was also sore. But why was I having sex with max? I thought I was going out with Zayn?

Max is back! Ooooo hope you liked dis chapter^.^

What happened to Harry? Will she visit max? Will max apologies?

#Anayn ~Zayn and Ana?

#Mana ~max and Ana?

#Anarry ~Harry and Ana?

I suck at ship names but oh well:P comment which one you like best....

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