The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


2. dinner

Zayn txt-hey wear something cute:)

My txt-yea, yea. Let me get ready.

So I took a shower wrapped myself in a towel and put on a short dress that was pink and had some ruffles and a black belt with black high heals and alittle makeup.

My txt- hey I'm ready8)

Zayn txt- and ur brothers?

My txt- shit I 4 got to tell them:0 and plz don't tell no one about the kiss.

Zayn txt- okay

So I went downstairs and told my brothers to get ready for dinner.

Jai-"we are ready?"

"Not dinner here at zayns house" I said kinda mad

Jason-"WHOOOO who is ready for dinner at our neighbors!!!"

Who told him

"Jason who told u?"

Jason-"oh I saw ur phone" he had my phone and had read the messages!

Good think he's not a blabber mouth like jai. Jai will tell the whole world my in Jason keeps them just asks a lot.

Jason-(wispering)"you kissed Zayn?"

"Jason! I don't want to talk about this!"

I'm still pissed he read them!

Jai went to go get ready as I grabbed Jason.

"Don't tell anyone I kissed Zayn!"I said as I stared to tighten my grip

"Why?" "Why did you kiss him?"

"It was an accident!"

Ugh I just hope he doesn't tell max!!>:(

We were ready to go finally.

Jason knocked at zayns door...... Just soon after Zayn opened it.

He looked HOT!!!! He had a black tight shirt you could see his abs and white skinny pants with black Jordans.



Zayn-"awwww your blushing" he said with a smirk

We went inside......

Jason-"wow it's big. Where are your parents?

Zayn-"my mom works all day and my dad died."

We went to the kitchen and sat down Jason sat by jai. Jai sat by Zayn and I sat next to Zayn. We were all eating wen......


Zayn got up and saw who it was. It was max-.-

Max-"what's up my bitches!" As he walked closer to us. He took zayns seat and was close to me. Just then Zayn sister came and saw max.

Cristal-"hey cutie" as she winked at max.and started walking closer to us.

"Zayn you said she moved out?" Trying to whisper at Zayn. But he was just looking down at the floor?

Just then I got a txt it said

Zany txt- she just came to help around

Me txt-get that bitch out! Ugh she keeps winking at max!

Someone snatched my phone and it was max he started reading what we txted. I Tried snatching the phone away but I couldn't. Wat made it worse is that he stared reading it out loud

Max-"Zayn said ,she came to help.ana said, get that bitch out ughhh she keeps winking at max"


"Yes.... And stop flirting with max or I will rip out those fake ass lashes out!"

Cristal looked pissed and she ran towards me as I got her black thick hair and stared pulling it to the ground she tried punching me as I got on top of her and started punching her in the face when Zayn pulled us apart.

Jai was recording and Jason was screaming in excitement and max was on his phone...WTF!ugh I got so pissed. Zayn took his sister to the kitchen and I saw blood on the floor she was bleeding from her nose. Eww it looked gross and I just had a bruise on my cheek.

I had ran to my house with Jason following me

Jason-"wats wrong, u never leave in your fights?"

"Wat if Zayn hates me for this........ I beat up his sister!"

Just then max walked in and told Jason to let us talk alone

Max-"why were you texting Zayn?"

"I don't know. U never text me!"

He grabbed my neck and started choaking(how ever you spell it) me.

Max-"you leave me and I will hurt you sooo bad!"

He let me go as I was in tears but he slapped me and my cheek stared to burn but I fell on the floor . He took out his knife it was kinda small. He slashed me on my shoulder and it stared to bleed then he left.

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