The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


4. break up?

Jason saw we were about to kiss but didn't say anything. He just stayed standing there like an idiot.

Zayn-"well I better get going."

Jason-"Ana mom got home.and we're going to the movies wanna come?"

"Naa I'm fine I'll stay here with mom."

Zayn was just leaving wen I caught up with him. "Hey you don't have to leave."

Zayn-"it's getting pretty late see ya tomorrow."

He said it with sadness in his eyes.he kissed my forehead and left. Why did he leave?

Jai-"mom were going to the movies!"

I could hear him from my room. Then I heard the door slam not hard but hard enough for me to hear it. Then I ran downstairs to my mom and asked her we're is my laptop.she had it last!

She took it away wen she saw that I was typing with this boy awhile ago and we wanted to run away together. Yea no that didn't happen and we wouldn't have made it. My mom is soooo protective at times but other times she doesn't give a shit.

"Mom do you remember my laptop and wear did you leave it?"

"Sweet heart I don't remember."

"Y are you dressed up?"

"Oh I'm going with that young mans mom. The boy that was here."

"Oh ok" ugh she's leaving me I'm going to be alone.:(

I went to my room I didn't even wait for her to leave. I was listening to Jason derulo it girl.wen I got a text from Zayn

Zayn txt-hey:)

My txt-hey...... Did your mom leave with my mom?

Zayn txt-yea you should come over.its lonely:(

My txt-why did you leave in such a hurry earlier?

Zany txt-I had something to do......

I stopped texting him. I didn't want to text him anymore.... Was it because of max and him always coming in while me and Zayn almost make out?



Great who's here.

I ran downstairs and opened the door it was max.:/

Max-"can we talk?"

"Sure wat about?"

Max-"I think we should see other people......"

Is he saying wat I think he's saying.are we breaking up. Finally I didn't want to be with him but I didn't have a choice before

"Yea I think that to."

Max-"we can still be friends?"

"Yea. Yea. Sure" yay I am sooo happy finally

Max-"can I have a hug goodbye?"


We hugged then his hands went to my waste and I was looking at his pretty eyes. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I forgot every thing and felt safe in his hands even though he would hurt me. I still had feeling for him. I leaned out and said that this was wrong we broke up? Didn't we?

Max-"yea I guess:/"

He started to leave wen I saw that slut in his car. Zayn sister. Ugh he left me for her. I should have known. I slammed the door and ran up stairs and texted Zayn

My txt- hey wanna hang?

Zayn txt-not now I'm busy!

My txt- WITH WAT are you ignoring me?

Zayn txt-maybe. Did you kiss max?!?

My txt-no we broke up!

Zayn txt- then explain this.

He sent me a picture of me and max kissing and I was in my pj's that I had wen Zayn came over.

Zayn txt-your such a slut!

My txt- who gave you that picture!

Zayn txt- it doesn't matter

My txt- WHO!?!

Zayn didn't text me back he was ignoring me just like every body else. I was all alone and forgotten. Jai and Jason left to the movies and didn't even want me to come because if they did Jason would have begged me to go. Max broke up with me to go out with zayns mom left and we don't talk any more. And Zayn just hates me. He called me a slut.........

Ugh I couldn't take it any more I was in tears.

I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I got my razor and cut into my wrist. I haven't done it in a while ever since Zayn moved here. Then I cut again my first cut started to bleed. The blood was coming out in a line at first then it started dripping on the floor. And some of it got on my cloth I leaned on the door and slid down with my knees at my chest and my hands were on my face I was trying to wip away the tears as the cuts started hurting.

I forgot how much it hurt afterwards but it took some of my pain away. I laid down on my bed with the lights off and my head in my pillow crying. It stopped bleeding and mary texted me.

Mary txt- hey wanna go to the mall tomorrow?since it's Saturday?

My txt-yea

Mary txt-did you break up with max?

My txt- mary I don't wanna talk about it!

Mary txt- did he hurt you again?

My txt- mary I'm fine:)

Even tho I wasn't fine I just don't want her to worry.

Zayns P.O.V

This isn't true she didn't kiss him. She hates him! But why would cristal lie.especially toe her big brother? Why would Ana do this to me!?! She's such a slut she kisses me then max I thought she liked me.

DING! My phone rang it was Ana I don't want to talk to her. Ugh she wants to know why I'm ignoring her! We'll there she knows. She knows she's a slut!

She's not texting me anymore. I kinda feel bad. That was here boyfriend she had a right to kiss him. I just screwed things up !!!!! She's probably mad right know I should text her later and say I'm sorry. I need her. I lush her! I LOVE HER! Why did I do that to her........

I should make it up to her tomorrow.

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