Unconditional Love


2. He's Everywhere

We finally got to America:) I was going to security check and I spotted a guy that looked fairly familiar. It was Kevin. He was with another girl. My eyes began to water.

He claimed to be going on a trip with his lads. He lied to me. I never dared to lie to him. I tried my best to hide my face so he wouldn't see me and it worked. I whispered to Liam the situation and he also kept a low profile.

I was in a way heart broken. I treated Kevin sooo good and he goes and cheats on me. I knew that after this incident, I was determined to leave Kevin for good. Liam and I got a taxi and went to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, I discussed with Liam that he was still my close friend and I really wouldn't be comfortable being in the same bed as him and he understood what I was trying to get at. We decided to get a room with 2 beds.

We decided to tour around some places. We saw the Statue of Liberty and a bunch of other stuff. I'm so smart😂 I wore high heel stilettos with a red high-low dress. Heels. I wore heels. My feet were killing me because there was a bunch of walking to do.

I think Liam could tell that I was getting tired because he picked me up bridal style and ran to the hotel😂 once we got to our floor, we were walking down the hallway when I spotted a person I really had no desire to see. It was Kevin. He's everywhere.

~sorry it's a little short:P~

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