Little white lies

Daisy is a normal country girl with a twin (Milly) until Daisy uploads a song on the internet and it goes amazing. Soon she gets interviewed and soon is walking the red carpet to a movie premier. When she watches the movie she meets one direction's Harry Styles until he asks her on a date but Daisy has never been on a date. So her twin goes on the date with Harry Styles showing her how it's done. When it's time to switch Milly stays with Harry and will not switch. Daisy runs in and tells her twin off but then Harry sees them both so he has to pick one of them. Will Harry choose the right 1? And if not will Milly steel her identity?


1. Millions

My father shouted upstairs to me to come down. I jumped downstairs and asked him what was wrong.

"I have saw the video of you singing online," he said.

"Are you mad?" I asked.

"I was," he smiled.

"What so you mean was," I asked him curiously.

"Have you seen how many views your vid has had?"


"It's number 1 on YouTube and has got 678k views and all likes,"he smiled.

"Oh and Chelsea wants to interview you on the red carpet in a week," he screamed.

I jumped up and down and started screaming.

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