Vivienne has lived in Maine for three but when an 'apocalypse' hits she has no choice but to run.Run from anything she knows, anyone she knows. She must live a different life as someone else. But when she discovers her shocking past it changes everything.


1. Maine

I stared out at the misty skies of Maine. It was mid-July but it could pass for late October. Although I’d lived in Maine for three years, my body couldn’t adjust to the ever changing temperature. One minute it’d be 10 degrees and the next 25. I gazed at the pink sky, the sun was setting which caused the skyline to look hazy. I could hear the rustling of the thousands of trees below me from my open window, it felt earily ghostly tonight, quiet, almost too quiet. I dreamt of exploring the forest for real one day. Since we moved here, we only took the road which led onto many of Maine’s highways and had never even took the only footpath through the forest which was only ten metres away from our home.

The ringing of my phone shook me from the dream and I snapped back to the never changing thing I

called reality.

“Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“Channel four news. NOW!” it was Annastasia.

“Why? What’s hap-” before I could even finish she switched the phone off, either that or the signal broke.

I jumped off my window seat and onto my bed, grabbing the remote as I did so. I hit the four button with my thumb. I groaned as my TV’s signal kept breaking as it was trying to focus. That’s the downer of living in the forest; sacrificing technology. As the picture and sound started coming together I could see an interviewer in a crimson blouse speaking to what looked like a frightened citizen of Maine.

She was mid-way through a sentence when my TV connected, “Strike next?”

“Goodness knows. I just can’t think what I’d do if it happened to my family,” the man said with a line of worry across his brow.

“Thanks for your words at this devastating time Mr. Kinder. That was Derek Kinder from Maine,” the interviewer said turning to the main camera, “If you’ve only just joined us, here’s the headlines for the EST." the screen flashed blue and played that dramatic clock chime, "Major death strike hits Maine and it’s citizens,” the presenter said as a helicopter image showed of Maine; I half heartedly laughed at that. ‘Major death strike’ in Maine? MAINE? Maine where it constantly snows 9 months of the year? Maine where a lot of our land is trees? Yeah right. My phone played it’s chirpy little ringtone. I picked it up without looking to see who was calling.

“Did you see?!” Anastasia spoke before I’d fully hit the accept button.

“Yeah,” I replied casually looking at my TV screen where it had now switched from Maine to some major New York bank crisis.

“Yeah? Don’t you mean holy-”

“It’s probably not serious. Nothing ever happens here,” I said interrupting her.

“Exactly! That’s what we’re used to, finally something’s happening and we’re so not prepared for it,” Anastasia sounded somewhat excited but nervous at the same time.

“Well first, calm the-”

“It’s back on!” Anastasia put the phone down leaving me hanging halfway through my sentence.

I stared back at the TV where it showed a home on fire near my school. It then switched to dead birds just lying on the ground. I fidgeted and quickly turned my gaze down to my hands as I hated seeing any animal dead or in pain. A few body bags then appeared and more homes and banks on fire.

“Government have claimed it as ‘Maine’s very own Apocalypse,” the women with the red blouse spoke over footage of ambulances and police helicopters. So a few buildings are on fire? And a few birds died? And maybe some people got a disease or something and went a little dead? That doesn’t mean anything. My TV switched off along with my lights which caused me to jump. Calm down Vivienne, it’s just another power cut. Nothing serious. Stop being pathetic. I heard a car pull up in our driveway. Oh. My. God. I squinted at my clock through the thickness of the dark. It was 9:00. My parents weren't expected home for another half hour from the grocery store. Who the hell was outside? I gazed at the last bit of sunshine leaking through my bedroom window and closed my eyes.

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