Remember Me

Elle Parker is broken.
She has lost a loved one and she doesnt want to believe it.
Her life is falling apart.
Her scholarship to university was terminated, her boyfriend left her and her parents gave up.
She doesn't want to carry on.


3. Chapter Two

Elles POV

I trailed up the empty path with tears blurring my vision, this was it, it was the end of me. I stumbled through the tangled thorns and weeds that had crowded the path over the last few years. It was obviously an unvisited area except there was something strange. Like I wasn’t completely alone. I looked around to see just the vast grey skies and weedy hills, I shrugged and turned back towards the top of the hill. I continued walking, my breath becoming shorter and my heart race increasing, almost like a hummingbird. The idea of dying, and never coming back. What was it to me? Peace, peace and eternal rest from whatever shit life I have been living for the past few months. I ran a clammy hand through my hair and dragged my tired feet up the rocky path, my white converse were now splattered with mud and scratched with thorns. I rubbed my wrist, running over the scratchy scabs and scars that lined them. Ugly, ugly and worthless. My life had deteriorated since the dead of my best friend, the death of my living soul and my living heart. She was the reason I lived. Now I have no purpose so I may as well join her. 
I could see the tip of the hill now but I could also see something else, strange. A fresh set of large footprints trailed in front of me, leading up the hill. Someone was here, just my luck. I sighed and rolled my eyes but continued up the hill until I finally reached the top.
Suicide Peak.
That’s what they all called it.
I saw a shadow and I heard loud shallow breathing, a blonde haired boy was perched on the edge of the peak, his face red and blotchy, his hands shaking. I stepped forward and sat next to him, my hair whipping around my neck like the noose I wished for. His head snapped up and he looked my directly in the eye, his blue eyes stood out even more with the tears colouring them. I smiled and closed my eyes, not saying a word.
“I-I’m Niall.” He stuttered. I looked over, shocked, why would the Niall Horan be here, committing suicide! He looked at me and I nodded. He frowned and averted his gaze.
“I-I don’t talk.” I croaked out, my voice sounded rusty, like it needed oiling. He raised his eyebrows, tears still falling down his face.
“Why are you here Niall.” I demanded, not asked. He shook his head.
“I’m hated by everyone, all the fans, management, my friends, family and even my EX girlfriend.” He sobbed and covered his face with his hands. I shook my head as a few tears slipped out onto my red, windswept cheeks. 
“You have so much to live for though.” I said, my voice cracking with pain, I have nothing to live for.
“So do you.” He said quietly. “Your only young and beautiful, I bet you’re a virgin, you’ve never had a job, never been in love, never travelled the world, never lived your dreams and yet you’re doing this!” He raised his voice and let tears fall off the tip of his nose onto his arms.
“I have been in love, and that’s why I am here toady because everyone I fell in love with let me hit the cold hard pavement.” I choked back a sob and let the wind whip my hair around and around my head. For a moment I felt like everything was normal.
Beautiful normal.
But I was ripped back into harsh reality when I realised, it wasn’t normal it never was going to be because I am here on a peak going to kill myself. I will fly like a bird and nothing will stop me from dying and meeting Marie in the beautiful place she is in. I leant my head back and let a few tears roll down my cheeks, meeting my lips. The salty taste evaporated onto my lips as I wet them with my parched tongue. I hadn’t eaten for days and I was determined to keep it that way. I averted my gaze onto Niall who was crouching over the edge of the peak, his shoulders heaving up and down. He bounced on the balls of his feet like he was about to launch himself. He ran a hand through his tangled hair and stepped over the edge of the peak.
“STOP!” I screamed, pain filling my voice, I was scared. He pulled his foot back over the edge and froze in his position.
He snapped his head towards me and stared at me, tears streaming down his fearful face. He was so young and helpless, like me but he had something else. Something to live for.
“What about you huh?” He snapped. “You have a life, friends, family and you have A PURPOSE. God didn’t just randomly put you here for no reason, you are a BLESSING.” He screamed and poked me in the chest. I cowered back from him, who did he think he was? Fear suddenly filled his eyes, his lip trembling. 
“I-im so sorry." He spluttered out, tears streaming down his wet cheeks. I wrapped my arms around his shaking body as he sobbed and lent into my chest. I stroked his hair soothingly and whispered in his ear.
"Its ok Niall, its ok to let it out." i whispered as tears rolled down onto my collar bones which were protruding from my chest.  He sighed and ran his hand over my back and up my bony spine, mumbling to himself as if he was in a trance.
I stared at him, my vision blurring slightly, my hands shaking uncontrollably.
"Elle?!" He shook my small shoulders lightly as if they would break under his touch. I stayed still staring at the beautiful blue sky until it went black.

Nialls POV.

I shook her small shoulders as if they would snap under my rough touch, shes like a china doll, so fragile. I noticed her starting to fade out, her eyes dulling emotion and her body quaking with an unknown fear. I shouted her name and shook her shoulders as she slumped to the ground, her head hanging loosely on her bony neck, her hair billowing out around her. She lay there like a fallen angel, peaceful yet hurt. I cried and picked up her fairy like body, it was weightless. I ran down the hill and towards my black range rover which was parked in the bushes and strapped her into the front seat, i knew she only had minutes to live.
All of the water and food had left her body, she had no source of nutrition left to live on which meant her insides were starting to eat her. I retched at the thought of such a beautiful girl dying such a painful death. Her skin hung loosely on her arms and chest, her boobs almost deflated. I shuddered and started to drive onto the highway, my heart racing. Someones life was in my hands. 
After five minutes of speeding and road rage i pulled into the closest hospital and rushed in with her in my arms. 
"HELP ME, HELP ME SHES DYING." I screamed, my pain evident. People turned to look but they did nothing except stare. I ran over the receptionist booth and banged on the window with my fist, she looked up shocked. 
"Help me, please please help me." I sobbed as i pointed to Elles lifeless body in my arm. She widened her eyes and picked up her phone. She held her finger up at me as if to say one second. My face contorted with anger, she was going to die, they didnt understand. I held Elles body with both arms and ran on into the hospital, ignoring the panicked yells aimed at me. I finally found a door which was wide open, a doctor sat in there on his computer.
"Please please help me sir, shes going to die." I chocked out over my sobs. His head shot up and he took Elles body from my hands, transferring her to the bed.
I sobbed as he held a stethoscope to her damaged chest, he looked up and nodded. My heart rate slowed down but i knew she was still at risk.

"Theres a faint heartbeat and when i say faint, i mean faint. We need to get her hooked up on the machines, she'll be in here for at least two weeks and she'll probably be in a coma for about three days." He scrawled something over the paper and looked at me.

"You're going to have to leave now, we have to transfer her to her room and hook her onto the machines, it'll save her life. I promise you." 
I nodded and walked out, my head hung low.
"Wait!" He yelled after me. I snapped my head back and looked at him with pain in my eyes.
"You saved her life, if you had waited out in that bloody reception this girl would not have made it, you're a hero my son." He patted me on the back. 
"She'll be in room 307 if you want to visit her anytime." He winked at me before disappearing into his office and closing the door.

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