A hard shadow to kill

Its a story about how Caroline has to kill a evil shadow. The shadow rules over the Dark dimension, an over Caelum a magic land. Caroline has to kill the shadow to save Caelum but she don’t want to!
One day she died in an accident and she came to this weird new place were she met a girl with fox ears and tail, and suddenly she has to start a quest like a hero.


4. The whithe queen

In a big room with a big thrown, I saw a beautiful women sitting on the thrown in a long blue dress. Her hair was whithe, her skin was almost white, the pearls on her dress was white, her jewelry was white. Actually, everything on her was white, beside the blue dress, shoes and her red lips. Beside her there was laying a big, white tiger. I was in chock, you can`t have a tiger outside a cage. The girl pushed me in my bag. I took a step forward. My Armani shoe gave a high sound in the open room. Then a powerful women voice sound in the room.                      

- Hallo Caroline, we have been waiting for you. I`m glad that Misau found you. Are you ready?

 - Ready for what I asked her. Because I wasn’t understanding anything.                      

- You are the chosen one. You are the one who are supposed to save us from the shadow. You have to kill him with this magical sword. And after that you have to find his star globe, and destroy it. So Caelum can be good again.    

 I didn’t understand anything. I can`t kill anybody. And what is this prophesy shit? I looked around. A lot of weird creatures was standing around me. Some of the looked like humans but with a horse body or goat legs. They were all staring at me like I was something really special.     

 - I`m not a hero. And I will not kill anybody, its just to grouse. And what is this prophesy like?

Now everyone was looking at me like I was an idiot. They started to rubbing. I heard things like, who is she? Doesn’t she know about the prophesy?

Why does she have so weird shoes on? I looked up at the queen. Her face was a little confused, but then she started to tell.                                                    

- The prophesy says that one day a girl in different cloth will come and defend the shadow. And then Caelum will be saved from the dark dimension. Misau will show you to a place were you can get some new cloth and get ready.       

Then everyone stated to yell and Misau took my hand and leaded me to a room with fruit, water and some new cloth.

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