A hard shadow to kill

Its a story about how Caroline has to kill a evil shadow. The shadow rules over the Dark dimension, an over Caelum a magic land. Caroline has to kill the shadow to save Caelum but she don’t want to!
One day she died in an accident and she came to this weird new place were she met a girl with fox ears and tail, and suddenly she has to start a quest like a hero.


7. The big fortress

- Now, we`re almost here. But… we still need a way to get in.                                                          We started to walk again. Over to the fortress. It was just getting bigger and bigger when we was getting closer. Around it there was a little village, and around the village there was a fence, and on the top of the fence there were heads on sharp, tree spears. It was creepy, and if I was travelling alone, I wouldn’t had go any closer.

We had walked around the fortress least 7 times, before we were standing beside a little stream.  My brain were working, but I cut not find somewhere to get in.

- We have to youse this to get in. Misau said and point at the little stream.

It was running inside of the fortress and down to a bigger river. There was a little hole in the wall.

Misau was on her way down to the little stream, she put a foot down in the running water, and she was feeling how deep the stream was. The water was going her to the top her knee. She started to walk slowly op to the hole, I walked after her but I wasn’t glad of the brown water. We mashed inside the little hole. At the other side there was a little courtyard, there was no humans in here. Misau and I was going over to a little door, it leaded up to a high tower with an open window. From the window, there was a green light coming out, and we decided to go upstairs.

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