A hard shadow to kill

Its a story about how Caroline has to kill a evil shadow. The shadow rules over the Dark dimension, an over Caelum a magic land. Caroline has to kill the shadow to save Caelum but she don’t want to!
One day she died in an accident and she came to this weird new place were she met a girl with fox ears and tail, and suddenly she has to start a quest like a hero.


6. Shadow wolfs

I sat up, and the sound of wolf howl. I heard Misaus voice whispered:

It’s the shadow wolfs. They know that we are here. Run!!!

We run, and run but it was difficult to see something in the midnight dark. I cut hear the running wolfs behind us, the howl was really loud now and I was getting a little afraid. I cut not see Misau, suddenly a hand grabbed my skirt and I fall down. I cut see Misaus red color in the end of her black hair. I role in to her, under a big trunk. I saw the shadows of the shadow wolfs, and smelled something that smelled like a burnt house. We was quiet when we heard the wolfs around the trunk. We were listening to their footsteps until they were gone.  My heartbeat was just getting faster and faster, even when they were gone and we were walking through the forest again.

Then we were standing in the last part of the forest, and we were looking on a big fortress. Or maybe a castle. I wasn’t good at this old houses thing. But I was sure at one thing, it wasn’t beautiful and exciting like the castle on the cloud. Actually it was a little scary. It was black all over and it was making me afraid.

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