A hard shadow to kill

Its a story about how Caroline has to kill a evil shadow. The shadow rules over the Dark dimension, an over Caelum a magic land. Caroline has to kill the shadow to save Caelum but she don’t want to!
One day she died in an accident and she came to this weird new place were she met a girl with fox ears and tail, and suddenly she has to start a quest like a hero.


11. Real life

I was lying on a bed in a white room, beside the bed I saw my mom. She was sitting in a big chair, I think she was sleeping. I tried to sit up but something was hurting in my arm. I made a little sound and I saw my mom move. She was looking at me before she started to cry.

 - Mom, what happened? Why am I here? I asked.

She took my hand and started to cry again:

 - You were not coming home that evening. The next day an old lady found you in the park. You were laying at the ground with a big strain over you. One of your arms were broken and when we heard about it you were almost dead, your heartbeat was so low that it was almost gone. We thought you would die. But then you started to wake up.

I took her hand and started to cry too. Two days later I was out of the hospital. I had decided to be a nicer person. I started that the first day in school were I helped one of the youngest students, with her books. It was here my new life started!

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