A hard shadow to kill

Its a story about how Caroline has to kill a evil shadow. The shadow rules over the Dark dimension, an over Caelum a magic land. Caroline has to kill the shadow to save Caelum but she don’t want to!
One day she died in an accident and she came to this weird new place were she met a girl with fox ears and tail, and suddenly she has to start a quest like a hero.


1. A happy life

I was 16 at that time and the most popular girl in my school. I had everything, friends, a boyfriend and the entire newest designer clothe. However, it changed. It was the 1st. of October I`ve just got the new collection from Prada and I was ready to a show of in school. I walked out the door and swung my schoolbag over to my brother. The sun shined and my golden hair was sparkling in its light, a bird was singing, as it was springe time. It was a very good October day. Almost like a summer day. Then a cold win blowed over my body and I remembered it almost was winter.

In school, my best friend Maggie gave me the newest update from the cheerios, my schools cheerleading team.  And I was the cheer captain, another hit of my popularity. However, it was a normal school day. Everyone tolds me that it was the most wonderful clothe they ever seen, they try to sit with me and eat lunch and all the other things they tried to do.

After cheerleading training, I was going home. I decided to go through the park. I was sitting on my jacket near the little lake, I was staring at the fishes witch were jumping up and down. The green trees around me danced in the wind. It was so soothing that I fall asleep. I woke up because I heard loud bang. I saw a flash of light on the sky, which in the meantime had been black. One of the big trees beside me split. I saw the great strain come flying towards me. Then everything turned black.

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