How The Planet Named Earth Came To Be

There are many stories that have been told of how our planet came into existence but which one is true? Many questions have been left unanswered and religions have told their tales but what about yours?


1. My Tale

  Humans experience many, many emotions in their lifetimes but how important could they be in developing something huge? Of course, the universe exists but something seems empty and uncompleted about it. Space can still be filled as the distance between already alive planets and stars is vast. This new member to the universe cannot be created, like the others, by clusters of rocks and mixtures of gases. Each living planet and star is significantly unique so why shouldn't this one be?

  Each emotion arrived into the universe from far and wide across galaxies and neighbouring universes and joined together, forming an unusual, minuscule shape drifting in the extensive darkness. This unusual shape expanded from time to time, slowly but surely creating an immaculate body of life. This body was known as Man. 

  Over time, Man began to increase in width and stature but him too, like the universe, was missing something. One of the emotions that participated in the making of Man was brought to life. Man decided to call this emotion loneliness. Many emotions began to work their way through Man during the early periods of his life, each one being given a name and definition. These emotions helped Man to progress in life, earning him the human organs. Although Man's human characteristics were complete, he still believed that there was one part that had not evolved. Man's heart seemed to generate and experience emotions too and one day, Man was torn apart into two halves. Some time later, these halves adjusted and grew into two separate bodies that were unlike each other. One of these bodies was still Man, but the other became Woman. 

  Together, Man and Woman lived their lives but as they progressed and aged till maturity, they realized that something obscure was still lost. After time had passed, Man and Woman felt misplaced within the surrounding darkness and wished for a place where they could settle. Each memory that they produced together and every emotion that both of them encountered formed into words written in the light of the stars. The two shared this creation and were content with it's advancing story. Then, the missing part of their lives was discovered and Man and Woman set to work on generating this precious piece. 

  Sections of Man and Woman's lives unfolded into something bigger each time effort was put to producing the missing element. Certain memories constructed the wildlife around us while others transformed into light and darkness. While our planet was in development, Man and Woman aimed for more memories to improve their world. These memories were not being naturally formed anymore, they were being aggressively forced to exist. Another emotion stirred inside of Man and Woman's body which was named Sadness and Disappointment. This caused the work of our planet to slow while man and Woman disagreed over each other's emotions. Unfortunately, the disagreements, emotions and physical actions decided to engage in certain human's lives. 

  After Man and Woman's disagreement, the two reunited and continued to work on our planet but taking their time in order to cause no disruption. Once their world was finally completed, Man and Woman became aware that proportion was the only element causing issues with the two of them entering their world. Every technique of transporting Man and Woman into Planet Earth was tried and tested but each one failed to cooperate. Although Man and Woman were pleased of their creation, they had given up hope of entering it for themselves so they produced humans from their experiences to relive their lives for them on Earth. 

  Time periods passed and Man and Woman's planet transitioned through history but the original two still hovered in the darkness, watching over their creation. Their lives were considered limited but special as time in the darkness granted them almost unlimited life. 

  The stars above Man and Woman hold their positions of words that create the planning process and story of the duo's shared life together. In order to keep satisfied, Man and Woman decided to illustrate the lives of the humans below them to show their respect for them and to alert them that they are still existing. In return, religions on Earth were created so that every person had their own way of showing respect for Earth, the work of art created by the masters of humankind.  

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