only me myself and I

Heey my name is Hanna. My live is not easy. I have to take care of my younger brother Jamie because my dad is always drunk, while I am not even 18 yet. But when I sit in the park, this awesome men in his thirties comes my way and asks ' you know I need someone for a job and you seem the perfect girl to do it. You know my cousin is this famous popstar and he needs someone for in his videoclip, he will give you 540 dollar'. At first I wanted to refuse but 540 dollar!!! Oke I will do it, I answer.


7. Chapter 7


I picked up Jamie and began to walk towards the backdoor.


Jamie started to complain that he didn't finish his ice cream but i didn't answer and just walked ahead.


we have been here so many times that I knew where to go. We walked to through the backdoor and came in a narrow alley.


i just plan to wait here until all the commotion is over.


I gave Jamie my phone so he could play games. After that I just waited.


After some time I heard footsteps coming our way and the door opened.


Out of the door stepped the manager of the ice cream shop.

He was so busy talking with the person behind him that he didn't recognize us.

And we were lucky for that, I don't want him to scream at Jamie again.


They person behind the manager was just a boy from about 18 years old.


When I watched really close I recognized him from the person who sat in a table behind us.

They both looked our way as to say: what are you doing here, when the manager began to speak.


Heey you are that crazy girl, and you are the crazy boy who spilled ice cream on my shirt.


That was my clue to leave. Okay well I don't hear anything anymore so we will be going inside again I told them.


I picked Jamie up so he wouldn't struggle, when they both yelled: No!


Why not? I asked.


Then they know which way I went, the boy in black said.


I was so confused. Why would they go after you, I asked.


You really don't know who I am? He asked. They both looked at me like I were crazy.


Uhh no, should I? Ohhh wait,wait,wait. You are the boy who always walks around with his dog, I said. They looked at me like I was crazy. Okay that is not him I thought by myself.


Well it doesn't matter, I am Harry. He said while extending his hand for me to shake.


I am Hannah. I said. I shook his hand and introduced him to Jamie.


I can drive you to your house or wherever you plan to go he offered.


I thought about all the positives and negatives and decided that driving with a stranger was better than walking with Jamie s'evenings in the dark.

Okay, lead the way, and with that said we walked toward a car that stood already waiting at the end of the alley.


I will tell you this, I have never ever ever seen such a cool car as his.

It was just black but such a smooth car. And that is how I fell in love with a car.

Just kidding but it such a cool car.


Jamie went in the back seat and I sat next to the drivers seat.

On our way home we made just small talks and I have to tell you, Harry was exactly a nice person to just talk to.


When we rode just around the corner of the street I saw that there stood already a car at the front porch.



It was dads car.


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