only me myself and I

Heey my name is Hanna. My live is not easy. I have to take care of my younger brother Jamie because my dad is always drunk, while I am not even 18 yet. But when I sit in the park, this awesome men in his thirties comes my way and asks ' you know I need someone for a job and you seem the perfect girl to do it. You know my cousin is this famous popstar and he needs someone for in his videoclip, he will give you 540 dollar'. At first I wanted to refuse but 540 dollar!!! Oke I will do it, I answer.


5. chapter 5


When we came at the mall Jamie walked directly trough the mall to almost the end.

We have been here so many times that he would know the way with his eyes closed. When I came closer I saw a lot of people already in the line to get ice cream, and there were almost no more tables free.


If we hurried we could get the table almost completely in the back near a old married couple and a man with a hood and sunglasses on.

We sat down and when I looked around I saw a whole group of my school sitting at a table all eating ice cream and doing I don't know what else.

I don't really care who they were I couldn't really place all the faces with the names it has never been my best point.

But there was one face that I could place and that was Ashe. I looked away quickly before he or one of the others could see me watching them.


When I looked back at Jamie I saw him with effort trying to climb onto the chair. He had a frustrated look on his face and it was rather cute that he couldn't get onto the chair.

After a few minutes of silently watching him I decided to help him.


Do you need some help little man because you seen to can't get onto that chair? I asked him.

Yes please he told me.
What a polite answer you fine sir, I said joking around. I passed him the carte so he could chose a ice cream.


After a few minutes thinking I knew what I wanted to get.

I want the chocolate and vanilla sorbet with whipped cream on top of it. It had always been my favourite.

When Jamie had also decided what he wanted I stood up to get our ice cream but Jamie stopped me.


Hanna can I get the ice cream please? He looked at me with his puppy dog face. I was about to say no.

You might think why can't he get the ice cream, what is the problem? Well then you don't know what happened the last time Jamie got the ice cream.


Flash back



Hannah can you give me the money you can sit down if you want.

Jamie I don't think that is such a good idea.


Why not? I can do it I promise.

I just cave him the money and went to sit down. I would be surprised if nothing happened. If you are thinking well what can there possible go wrong, well than you don't know Jamie.


So you must understand that I became to be a little bit worried after 10 minutes. I coudn't see the counter from here so I walked towards it and stopped at what I saw.


Jamie was so happy that he didn't watch where he was going so he bumped into someone and spilled al the ice cream. J

amie was crying very hard because he didn' t have any ice cream anymore while the man who he bumped into stood there making his clothes clean.


There stood Jamie with his ice cream cornet, well without the ice cream in it because the ice cream covered a mans t-shirt. Nobody dared to move closer to the man because he was very pissed.


I will describe the man for you so you get a idea of what it must look like. He was tall, has broad shoulders and was very fat.


I worked myself through the crowd of people ,who were standing there watching the show, and picked Jamie up.

I turned to the man and was just going to make an apologize when he shouted at me that we had to leave and must stay away for a half year.


Appears he was the manager of the shop, so from now on I intended to be careful at leaving Jamie alone at random places.


End Flash back

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