only me myself and I

Heey my name is Hanna. My live is not easy. I have to take care of my younger brother Jamie because my dad is always drunk, while I am not even 18 yet. But when I sit in the park, this awesome men in his thirties comes my way and asks ' you know I need someone for a job and you seem the perfect girl to do it. You know my cousin is this famous popstar and he needs someone for in his videoclip, he will give you 540 dollar'. At first I wanted to refuse but 540 dollar!!! Oke I will do it, I answer.


3. Chapter 3


I turned around and saw Carly. I wanted to disappear in that moment.


I was happy that Kaily stood next to me for support. Well, Ash I don't think it would be a good idea.


You have a girlfriend remember? I told him.

'Okay, I understand' he told me.


I can't even go to a party.

With my jobs and Jamie I don't have a lot of time to do funny thing.


When I turned around and walked away Carly grabs my arm and whispered so soft that only I could hear: 'Stay away from my boyfriend, he is and will always be mine.If I see you with him again I will make your life hell'.


I yanked my arm from her away and walked to my locker.


She grabs me exactly were I have a bruise from the beating.I coudn't let her show my weakness and I am proud of myself that I didn't show her.


The rest of the day I tried to stay away from everyone except from Kaily of course.


When the day was almost over I waited for her by her car, when my phone rang. It showed a sms from Kaily.


It says: Heey I can't make it, I have to stay at school for at least another hour (school project) don't wait for me. Sorry xxx


I think that that is one of the great things about her. She always gets what she wants but she also stays always polite. It is funny to see.


Do you know the feeling when you see someone who is very mad but tries to remain calm. I always want to laugh when someone does that but most of the time I can keep my face blanc.


I decide that I would go strait home so I still can be with jamie before I have to work.


When i knock on marie' s door I could already hear Jamie running to the door.

I can' t help but smile a little.


The door opens and Jamie tackles me in a big hug.


'Hanna!!! You' re finally here i waited the hole day for you' Jamie says enthusiastic.


At that moment Marie comes walking towards us.'I hope he has behaved' I told her.

'Of course he was a sweatheard' she says.

' Well that is good to hear' i reply.


Hanna you haven' t forgotten that we are gone get ice cream now right' jamie looks at me hopefully.


Ohhh no I totally forgot I think by myself.

' Of course I didn' t forgot' I tell him. But we have to walk quickly because I have to go to my work tonight.


Bay marie thanks again, I tell her es I waived one last time.
She yells after us ' any time honey'. And then we were gone.


on our way to the ice cream.

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