only me myself and I

Heey my name is Hanna. My live is not easy. I have to take care of my younger brother Jamie because my dad is always drunk, while I am not even 18 yet. But when I sit in the park, this awesome men in his thirties comes my way and asks ' you know I need someone for a job and you seem the perfect girl to do it. You know my cousin is this famous popstar and he needs someone for in his videoclip, he will give you 540 dollar'. At first I wanted to refuse but 540 dollar!!! Oke I will do it, I answer.


2. Chapter 2

I usually walk to school.

I don't know why but I just don't like to go by bus.

And I don't want to have to sit in the bus next to one of those bitch.

You know what I mean. The ones that every school has. I'll give you a description:

They look like barbies, wear to small clothes, to much make up and have always their nails done.

I dislike them so much because they can't leave me alone.

They always have to bother me.

But lucky me I'm almost at the school entrance (note the sarcasm).

Hey Hanna! There you have my best friend.

'hey Kaily how are you doing' I ask her. 'I am good how are you? Oh and how is Jamie?'

We are both fine thank you I tell her.

She doesn't know about my situation at home, I don't want her to know. She only knows that Jamie is my brother. If she knew she would only look at me with pity and I don't want that.

But a few weeks ago she saw a photo on my phone from me and Jamie, and she woudn't stop with asking who he was.

So I had to tell her. But other than that she knows nothing.

We walk together towards the school, when someone calls my name. Ohh can it never be enough, I said to myself. I can see everyone looking my way. I don't like it when people watch me.

I turn around and sine inside. Before me stands the most populair boy of our school, Ash.

He has been stalking me since last year.

Flash back

When the students start filling the room I already sit in my chair. Chemistry is my favorite subject.

When Mr. Jackson finally starts his lesson, the door opens and Ash and his friends walk in all laughing about one of his stupid jokes I bet.

Because all the seats are taken besides mine Ash had to sit next to me. Let me tell you it was awfull. I tried to just listen to the teacher, but it is hard concentrating when someone is staring at you.

I look his way to see what he wants when he says: 'What is your name sweetheart?'

You can't be serious.

'You have been in my class for like three years'. I tell him.

'Well are you going to tell me your name?, my name is Ash.'

'I already know that smart ass' I said.

I try to keep my laughing in, it is just so funny because he never has been rejected before.

Just as he is about to say something back ,mister Jackson looks our way. Is there something you two would like to share? If you don't shut up I will send you to the principle.

Ohh no, if I am send to the principle office my dad will hear from it. So I just shake my head and ignore Ash for the rest of the lesson.

End flash back

Ash is making his way towards us. With his two best friends. I will give you a hint: they are no sweethearts. I quickly look around to see if Carly or one of her friends are around. Carly is the girlfriend of Ash !!!!!!!

For the ones that don't know who Carly is, well she is the biggest school bitch ever. She is like the queen bee here. She also thinks that she owns the school.

When they finally reach us Ash looks my way. Hey, Hannah I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to a party next week? You could clearly see that he was nervous. I was about to answer when a high pitch voice spook: 'WHAT, WHY ARE YOU ASKING HER TO COME?'

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