spirit inside the house

its a story about a boy in a new house.......


1. spirit inside the house

I was 22 when i asked my parents for a new house.it was difficult to convince them but they got ready.When it was my first day in house ,i was reading a book on couch .Then i suddenly lights gone off and when i looked outside to check whose electricity is gone,i saw a girl in garden .Her right hand was not there  and was bleeding.she was staring at me ,i was scared .

Then after one week my one friend came to spend some days with me .Then at night when i woke up for drinking water ,i found that my friend was not there.When i searched him ,he was in living room .Walking around a couch ,i called him but he didn't replied,then i slaped him and asked what is all this?He said can't you see her she is crying,she is not having her right hand and its bleeding.i asked him where is she.On the couch ,he replied.When i looked at couch there was a lot of blood there.We both just ran from the house .

Then i decided to change the house.But i was having much furniture .Then my friend advised me to stay for one day.When i was alone in house i was doing my work in room .Then suddenly door opened and she was there.SHE was laughing and staring at me .I ran away from there and never came back,not even to take furniture

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