The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


19. The Party to Remember

It had been three weeks since the Winter Ball. Nobody treated me the same but. Some where kinder others filled with hate and jealousy worse. But I don't care. I'm happy I'm engaged to Alex. We hadn't told the Headmaster yet. That was a working progress. It was the holidays now so there was no more school. I walked out of Alex's room in the dorms and sat alone in The living room. Everyone was gone they said they had some important stuff to do today. I decided to read one of the millions of books that's lined Alex's bedroom walls. When I walked back into Alex's room there was eight people standing in front of the window. Four boys and four girls. They all were dressed in the border uniforms. The first boy was Dean. He smiled at me and said, "Alex's has asked us to come back and make sure you come to no harm." I looked at him shook my head then grabbed the book, "Is he worried I'll get a paper cut?" I didn't need protecting what was he going on about. Nobody was here I was alone. If anything the only bad thing that could happen to was that I got a paper cut. "Kate he also asked that we make sure you stay in here." Dean said as I walked to the door, I went and sat on the velvet lounge. I started reading and they started walking around. Dean stood at the window for a month then said, "You know Vampires have special powers." He said looking at me I looked up from my book and nodded of course I knew Alex had explained everything about Vampires to me ages ago. "Well pure bloods like Alex have more powers then Vampires like me. Once they have an attachment to someone, Vampire or Human, their sense become more alert to any danger that might be in a close area of that certain person." Dean continued, "The adoption people have come to the school, to ask if you have come here." Dean said walking closer to me, "I've been here like four weeks! And they've only come here now?!" I grumped getting up and walking towards the window and looking out. Dean tried calming me down, "Katie it's not that simple! Look just please do this for him. He loves you so much and he can't lose you. He went into panic stations and nearly came back when he could feel their soul waves. I told him I would come down and make sure you stay safe." He was worried about me, I looked at him took a deep breath, and then nodded.

It was about lunch time when the Headmaster came. "Alex!!" He shouted through the dorms. He came up to the room, I was sitting on the lounge reading I didn't turn around, the eight Vampires walked into place standing in a half a circle around the lounge. "Katie...?" The headmaster sighed, Dean spoke up, "You can't take her." He stood at the front of the group, "Dean." I said standing up, "Headmaster, remember that Demon? Well it comes back when I'm not with Alex. I got scared and ran away. I came here because I'm safe here." I said looking at the headmaster I thought explaining why I had done what I had. But it didn't. "Kate this isn't expectable..." It wasn't the headmaster this time he believed me the person speaking was Jane. "Like you would know what's true and what isn't!" I shouted at her, "Look at this!!" I throw my arm forward to show the scar from the last time the demon had gotten me, "Alex saved my life! I started to pull myself away from him and Rose and then the demon started to take hold telling me I was useless and I should kill myself! Then Alex pulled me into a hug and the demon retreated ! If I'm away from him I'm not safe!" Tears started to form in my eyes and the headmaster turned to Jane, "She's not lying. If it wasn't for Alex she would have died." Jane looked at me then the headmaster. "So where is this mighty Vampire then?!" She argued. "Right here." Said a voice from behind me, Alex stood on the seal of the open window. He walked in and put his arms around my waste, looking at Dean he said, "Thank you Dean. You can go now I'll deal with this." Dean nodded and they all left. I looked up at Alex, "Are you ok?" He asked looking down at me, I nodded, Alex then looked at the Headmaster. "Dad, Kate and I are going to get married. We are happy together. You can't take that away from us." Alex was calm as he said this and the headmasters jaw dropped, "Oh it's about time!!" The headmaster started "I've been waiting to here this since the ball!!" He jumped around happily. Jane looked at him shocked, Alex held me tightly smiling, then Jane spoke up, "This is unacceptable! She's only fifteen! Besides she has an adoption interview today!" Jane was nervous as Alex stood taller and pulled me behind him. "I'm not going anywhere!" I said looking at her as if I was about to kill everyone.

The argument continued for hours. And we lost. I was taken back to the orphanage. "I hate you!" I screamed at Jane as she pushed me into the car. I started hitting the window. Then I fell back in the seat and started to cry. Alex wasn't aloud out of the dorm. "I didn't even get to say goodbye!" I sobbed. This isn't fair. I don't want to be adopted! I mean who wants a fifteen year old anyway?

We got back to the orphanage and I got out of the car. I walked into the building and then straight up the stairs, even though the people who had come to adopt me where sitting in the living room.

I slammed my door and walked to the window. I was so mad. This was the worst birthday ever! I walked over to my bag and grabbed my phone I had a message from Rose and Alex. The wanted to know if I was still at the orphanage. I texted them back and they said they would be there soon. Why would they risk everything to come here?

I walked down the stairs and walked out to the front. I sat on the marble steps waiting. "Kate?" Said someone from behind me. I didn't answer, my arms where hurting and I started to cry. The person sat beside me. "Why don't you want to live with us?" He asked I was shocked by the question, "I don't even know you!" I growled him, "And you're the reason I wasn't able to stay with Alex!" I got up and walked back inside, "Kate?!" Said Jane as I raced up the stairs in tears. "Why the fuck are there always kids in here?!!?!" I screamed as another lot of kids sat in my room going through my things. I closed the door behind them and sat on the bed crying. There was a knock at the door , Jane and the woman from down stairs walked in. "Katie?" They questioned, I sobbed quietly to myself. "I understand you want to be with him but don't you think you're rushing into the marriage?" The other lady said sitting on the bed beside me, "If you knew what we had been through together you would understand and we aren't, we are just engaged we haven't talked about the wedding or anything yet. Alex is the most important person to me!" I looked at her confused about why she was questioning my relationship who was she to tell me what to do? "Though that maybe true he's still a Vampire, they are vicious creatures, don't you understand that?" The lady said I had just recognised her, I stood up giving her a look that could've killed, "You have no idea what you're talking about! You are the one who doesn't understand! Alex is a Pure Blood Prince! His family is the reason the truss between humans and Vampires ever happened! He's different! He can control himself!" I was so mad, "I don't care! As your legal mother I am saying you are not to marry him or ever see him agin!" She was so aggressive, narrow face and tight bun on her head, "Well fucking happy birthday to me!!" I shouted grabbing my bag and walking down stairs, the look on both their faces was priceless sheer guilt.

As I walked out Alex and the others where standing at the bottom of the marble stairs, I ran down and jumped into his arms. They a watched through the windows as I walked off hand in hand with the Vampire Prince.

"Katie we have a special thing planed for today. I wanted you to have the best Sweet Sixteenth ever so..."Alex had put his hands over my eyes as we walked, "ALEX! You're going to kill me!" I said tripping over my own feet, "Come on!!" Rose laughed at me, "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed as Alex moved his hands off of my face, all my friends where here. Plus a few extra. I turned and kissed Alex "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" They cleaned out an old wear house and had decorated it all, they had heaps of food and a real DJ! It was amazing the best birthday party I had ever had. It was also the first.

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