The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


21. The New Family

Alex and I sat at the orphanage together. I wasn't going anywhere without him. Shannon and Mark Smith were my new adopted parents. They were the stereotypical rich, snobby family. They had two young kids. Twin girls Mary-Ann and Hanna. They were blond with blue eyes and did everything together. Alex held my head I was shaking really bad, even in the room that had the heater on I was freezing. "I really don't want a mum and dad now. I mean I've serviced until now, where was the government before when I was going to school black eyed and fat lips? My dear old friend Ben who just pasted, wanted to adopt me when I was three and he wasn't aloud... Why are you aloud? I don't even know you people." I said holding Alex's hand tighter. "We are very kind people." Shannon said, "So was Ben! So is Alex. Why can't I live with him? You're not even my real parents I don't have to listen to you I've meet you once before and that's when you stop that man... Which I'm grateful for but I don't want to live with you. I want to be with Alex." I said taking a deep breath, "I'm sorry but you're actually legally a Smith now." Mark said looking at me, Alex stood up, "I want to be able to see her everyday. She must be able to continue her education at Grey Stone Academy under the watchful eyes of my father. As a Pure Blood I have powers that allow me to know when someone dear to me is in danger, if I ever sense this in the same places as your presents, you will be held responsible. Further more once we decide a date for our wedding she will come live with me. Understood." Alex said this to them then turned to me I had become pale and fear ruled my eyes. What was he doing! "There's no other way, Katie." He said softly kissing my head. Mark agreed to what Alex wanted, he was afraid of Alex.

I stood on the marble steps with Alex as the Smiths put their girls in the car. I turned to Alex and he kissed me straight away. "Don't be afraid. Everything will work out." Alex said softly to me as a shed a tear. I got into the car and waved goodbye to Alex. "Kate." Said Mark as he drove the car, "We got you this." Shannon finished handing me a bag, "I don't want a fancy gift." I said not taking the bag. "Please just take it." Shannon said, I took the bag, inside were three gift cards. All for clothing stores. "I don't really need this." I said half true half not "Well you can keep them." Shannon said smiling "Thanks..." I wasn't in the mood for fancy gifts.

Once we got to their home I sat in the car steering, "You actually love here?!?!" I questioned as everyone got out of the car. Their home was a mansion, it was old fashioned but had more of a modern take to it, there were people walking around in maids uniforms and people training horses. I looked back at the house,then to the court yard, as we walked up the stone steps to the house I saw the pool, "It's just like in The Great Gatsby!" I laughed walking into the main hall I couldn't believe it. "No it's not you stupid girl!!" Said the twins as I spun around smiling, "It is! The gardens and the house the pool! Everything's just like Gatsby's house!" I smiled I didn't expect them to know who Jay Gatsby was. I mean they are only five. "Kate come with me I'll show you to your room." Shannon called from up the stairs, I was so intrigued by the house. But I would've preferred the house Alex had built from myself and him. I walked into the bed room, "This room is bigger then my uncle'a whole house!" I said looking around, Shannon smiled and left me to settle in.

I jumped on the bed. It wasn't anywhere near as good as the one at the Hotel. I got up and went into the bathroom. The tub alone was the size of my room at my uncle's. I started to run the bath, I got undressed and court something out the corner of my eye. My hips was pale and looked like it was bruised. But why? I got in the tub thinking the warm water would help. I put my hand on my hips they were kind of soar. Maybe Rose will know why.

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