The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


10. The Lose of Someone Dear

I don't know what the feeling was but I couldn't shake it. I started to think about all the wrong I had done by him. Alex hadn't left my side since that day. Even though I had hurt him more then I had hurt myself he still showed affection and cared for me. I hadn't felt the touch of someone who truly loved me since .... I was last with Ben. Ben the first person to so love and compassion to me. I jumped up out of the tub got dressed and run down the hall to the living room where Alex and the headmaster were sitting, "I want to go see Ben!" I gasped for air, Alex stood up he had a letter in his hand. "Katie... Ben's...." He could finish his sentence before I grabbed the letter. It was in Ben's writing.

'Dearest Katie,

I'm an old man and I've know you your whole life. You are the most important little girl in the world to me. Honey I'm not going to live forever. God has decided it's my time to come and join him. Don't cry princess. I'll great Death as an old friend. I remember when you where little you would come to the store crying and after a while you would always be smiling. You are such a strong little girl. You are so brave. When I heated of your uncles death I was so pleased that man deserved to die. But honey don't worry and don't be scared I'll always be watching over you and I'll ways love you.

Love always and forever

Grandpa xoxo'

I started to cry. He was dying! "Grandpa..." I sobbed, Alex pulled me close "He's not gone yet. He's at the hospital. I can take you." Alex spoke softly and guiltily, he's always so kind. I could stop crying, "I want to see him please take me to see him. I don't want to lose him he's so important to me!" I sobbed into Alex's chest.

Why. Why does he have to die? Why? I don't understand.

Alex took me to the hospital the headmaster came to. Alex held me close as we walked into the hospital, I could stop the tears. The lady at the desk asked if I was alright, "No my grandpa is dying" I sobbed to her "What's his name?" She asked sweetly, "Ben James." Alex answered for me I didn't even know his last name but Alex did, Ben had never told me his last name. "Room 16 level 5." The lady said she was so kind. Alex and he headmaster took me to his room. "You go in." Alex said to me. I let go of his hand and walked in.

"Katie princess!" Ben was sitting in his bed watching tv, as soon as he saw me he stretched out his arms for a hug, my lip started to tremble and my eyes watered I ran over to him and embarrassed him. I started to cry and he held me tightly, "Princess" he kissed my head wiping my face. We talked for hours on end and Alex and the headmaster just waited around. I fell asleep on Ben.

There was a beeping sound and I awoke to Alex grabbing me and nurse and doctors buzzing around the room. "What's going on!" I cried Alex grabbed me trying to pull me away from Ben "No no no! What's happening!" I cried Alex turned me around and pulled me into a embarrass. The doctors told us to leave the room.

About an hour later the nurse came out, "I'm sorry but..." She said sadly, I started to ball and Alex embarrassed me.

Ben was gone. He greeted Death as an old friend.

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